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my final descent into uttermost geekdom

I spent part of this weekend writing a DOS batch file to automate the extraction of a soundtrack from a computer game. I may have passed a Point Of No Return here. -JM

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the downside of using form letters

No matter how carefully you edit it, no matter how delicately you alter it to fit the recipient’s particular interests and character, as soon as you hit SEND you will be struck by a sudden, horrifying feeling that you forgot to … Continue reading

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Rome Total War encountered an unspecified error and will now exit

The other day I sat down to relieve some stress by playing Rome: Total War on my Windows Vista Home Premium machine, and I go this error message. After a bit of experimentation I found the cause. Apparently, if you … Continue reading

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The Master Plan, Phase Three

Back in May I began to execute my Master Plan in the utmost secrecy, utilizing only the most powerful multi-core computers and the most sophisticated information processing software. Phase One came to a satisfactory conclusion at the beginning of August. … Continue reading

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A Series of Disturbing Election E-mails, Part Two

To: From: subject: RE: patient’s choice of candidate My dear Rustwheeze, Your last letter mentioned that your patient has decided to vote for one the candidates. More, he has become a strong supporter, and has even volunteered at … Continue reading

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Sword & Sorceress 23 – the Catherine Mintz interview

Our second interview is with Catherine Mintz, who wrote “Blood Moon” for Sword & Sorceress 23. 1.) Tell us a bit about yourself. I write, edit, do graphics and illustration, and own the Copper Penny Press. 2) How did you … Continue reading

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the downside of reading aloud while editing

Your throat. Man, it gets sore. -JM

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How I fixed my Ubuntu 7.10 installation

I mentioned a while back that my Ubuntu 7.10 installation stopped working. (I have a machine that dual boots between Vista and Ubuntu.) Well, on Saturday I managed to fix it. Wanna know how I did it? I upgraded from an NVIDIA Geforce 8300 GS to an NVIDIA Geforce … Continue reading

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contributor’s copy

Got my contributor’s copy of “Lilith Unbound” in the mail yesterday. Hand-delivered by the postman, no less, who seemed annoyed that it wouldn’t fit in the mailbox. I hadn’t just how many stories there are in the book. Well worth your … Continue reading

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The Hellish Clown Mocks Me

For reasons I can’t go into here, I had to install RealPlayer on a bunch of computers. And after RealPlayer is finished installing, the very first thing you see is this freakish thing. The experience made my skin crawl with … Continue reading

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