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Windows 7 to kill QuickTime?

A rumor that Windows 7 will include native mov file support, thereby killing off Apple QuickTime on the PC side. I hope this one is true. Apple’s software is well and good on Mac OS X, but on the PC, … Continue reading

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Windows 7 release date?

The latest rumor: Windows 7 might come out in September or October of this year. If it’s true, I’m not surprised. I think Microsoft wants Vista down the Memory Hole as soon as possible. -JM

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New Mac Mini Video?

Via Gizmodo, an alleged video of an unreleased new Mac Mini. I think it’s best to take the original attitude of the Apostle Thomas in these cases; I will believe it when I can put my finger upon the ports. … Continue reading

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Wisconsin guzzles the digital tax crack

Wisconsin joins the states that currently have a digital download tax. I wouldn’t mind this so much if our governments didn’t display the fiscal responsibility and foresight of crack addicts. -JM

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reset the BIOS password on a Dell Optiplex 755

From time to time, you may have the need to reset the BIOS password on a Dell Optiplex 755. You may have forgotten the password. Or perhaps the person who entered the password forgot it, moved to a different job, … Continue reading

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just don’t do it

A CNN article asks if people should ever talk on the phone while driving. No. They should not. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve almost been wiped out by an SUV driven by a soccer mom yammering … Continue reading

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How to play Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness on Windows Vista using DOSBox

Those of you who have been playing computer games long enough probably remember Sierra’s Quest for Glory series. Quest for Glory was a hybrid RPG/adventure game, and Shadows of Darkness was the best game of the series. It had it … Continue reading

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How to install WordPress 2.7.1 on Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

With a bit of work, it’s possible to install WordPress 2.7.1 on a desktop PC (or a virtual machine) running Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex. Obviously, this makes a superb environment for testing and experimentation, since you can tweak and experiment … Continue reading

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Antivirus 360

Came across a new version of the Antivirus 2008/2009 trojan today – Antivirus 360. It’s a pretty clever name; after all, if Symantec has Norton 360, then why shouldn’t Russian malware writers have themselves an Antivirus 360? It seems to … Continue reading

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technology is wild and wonderful

Last weekend IĀ figured out how to get a computer game from 1993 to run on my netbook computer. In other words IĀ figured out how to play a computer game using technology that did not exist when the game was published. … Continue reading

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