Limewire Doomed Due To Legal Threat?

A report from CNET that the Limewire file sharing network might get shut down due to legal action.

Frankly, I cannot help but regard this as a good thing. Leaving aside the endless philosophical and legal debate about file sharing, copyright, and intellectual property, the bald fact is that Limewire is infested with malware. I see a great many machines with nasty Trojan infections, and invariably the owners of those machines are heavy Limewire users.

In fact, I once encountered a young man who, upon buying a new Windows 7 HP laptop, immediately installed Limewire and began using it. He didn’t activate the trial of his Norton Internet Security software. He didn’t uninstall his trial antivirus software and install a free alternative like AVG or Microsoft Security Essentials. He didn’t run Windows Update. No, the very first thing he did, the very first, was to install Limewire and start looking for free music.

Needless to say, he got a Trojan in very short order.

So if Limewire does go, I won’t miss it very much.


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One Response to Limewire Doomed Due To Legal Threat?

  1. Jay says:

    Well, you can’t say that Limewire didn’t have this coming to them. What will be interesting is to see what doors this will now open up for the RIAA. But who really is the winner in such situations? Have a look at this interesting article at the music industry website The Music Void –