How to play Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness on Windows 7 using DOSBox

Those of you who have been playing computer games long enough probably remember Sierra’s Quest for Glory series. Quest for Glory was a hybrid RPG/adventure game, and Shadows of Darkness was the best game of the series. It had it all: adventure, combat, magic, romance, Lovecraftian horror, gloomy Gothic shadows, fearsome and sympathetic villains, and the series’ trademark humor. Unfortunately, the game was written for DOS, way back in 1993. Fortunately, the excellent DOSBox emulator provides a way to play the game on a modern Windows 7 system with a bit of work. Here’s how to do it:

1.) Download and install DOSBox.

2.) Next, create a directory to serve as a virtual C drive during your DOSBox session. I usually just create a directory named ‘dos’ and stick it in the root folder of my hard drive. You can stash the folder in your user profile, of course, but typing C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\Dos every time you want to play Quest for Glory IV gets old real fast.

3.) Put your Quest for Glory IV CD-ROM in your drive, and start DOSBox.

4.) Use the following command to mount your dos directory (assuming you followed the example above) as your hard drive:

mount c c:\dos

5.) Mount your computer’s CD/DVD drive in DOSBox with this command:

mount d D:\ -t cdrom

Obviously, if your CD/DVD drive has a different letter than D:\, you’ll need to change it (mount d E:\ -t cdrom, for instance). It’s possible to use an ISO image in lieu of the actual cdrom, but I’ve had the best luck with the actual disc.

6.) To install Quest for Glory IV, first change to the D drive:


And then type:


This will bring you to the installation program.

7.) Follow the prompts to install Quest for Glory IV. The default options for sound and hardware should work correctly, but if you have problems after installation you’ll need to change them later.

8.) When the game asks if you want the full installation, select the full installation. This will speed the game up quite a bit, and since the full installation only takes 20 megabytes (a lot of space in 1993, but not in 2009), there’s no reason not to.

9.) Once the installation is finished, use this command to change to the C:\sierra directory:

cd c:\sierra

10.) Use this command to launch Quest for Glory IV:


Enjoy the game!


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