How To Insert Musical Notes Into Microsoft Word

Basically, to insert musical notes into Microsoft Word, you need to use the symbol codes. The way this works is that you type the symbol code, and then immediately hit ALT+X on the keyboard. This will tell world to interpret the proceeding text as a symbol code, and it will produce the requested symbol.

Here are the codes for the musical notes:

Quarter note: 2669
Eighth note: 266A
Beamed eighth notes: 266B
Beamed sixteenth notes: 266C
Music Flat Sign: 266D
Music Natural Sign: 266E
Muisc Sharp Sign: 266F

So, to make a quarter note, you’d type 2669 and then hit ALT+X on your keyboard.

For more advanced musical symbols, you’ll need to use a musical symbol font. A good listing of musical fonts can be found here.


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