Ubuntu Unity sucks!

Ubuntu’s Unity interface seems to inspire either a love-it-or-hate-it reaction, and here is another reaction on the hate side of the continuum. 

Myself, I think Unity is much stronger than when it was first introduced in Netbook Edition, and I prefer the current version to GNOME Shell. That said, one of the great strengths of Linux is that you can easily install an alternative desktop environment – and you can find directions on how to do so here.


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4 Responses to Ubuntu Unity sucks!

  1. mike says:

    This is one of those “how could they be so dumb” observations.
    First, for the last what, thirty years or so every user has been trained to look for the menu bars etc. at the top of the open window under the title bar of the program open on the desktop.

    Now what do the idiots that put together Unity do? They setup the system so that the menu bar for foxfire opens without a menu bar in the firefox window!

    What they do is make the firefox menu bar in the control bar for the operation system, which usually appears at the top of the screen at least by default AND set the firefox menu bar display to reveal only when the user does a mouse over of the control bar with firefox open on the desktop.

    I thought you idiots in the LINUX world wanted to get more people to use Linux and by extension I mean Ubuntu since up until unity it was on the lips in hushed breath of most Linux users as the “newbie” starter version.

    I thought I was being a little harsh, having been in the computer industry, so I ran a few tests on some unsuspecting windows users. Not one figured it out and when I showed them the “secret” handshake geek trick they were “what the…. is this garbage.”

    I have figure out that tablets are the new “thing.” And I figure that this mad dash to compete with the Ipad is behind all this monkey motion. First, anyone who is serious about using a computer uses a desktop. Let’s face it if you are going to be on a PC for any length of time you want to be comfortable and this could extend to some of the itsy bitsy laptops as well.

    Now tablets have a place just like game systems. But trying to shift to these jump, dance, wave, poke and jump interfaces strange tablet GUIs for a PC or laptop are just foolish.


    I hope I don’t have go through the whole system and add some sanity to the user interface. Like pick over firefox to change its interface and add things like MATE desktop manger. I decided to drop Winx because of that abotion called Metro and the fact that Microsoft is ripping out the code so people can’t dial back this insanity with third party apps like classic shell or modifying the registry.

    Maybe I should buy a couple of PCs with Win 7 on them and install classic ubuntu or maybe Mint and hold out for the fever to pass.

  2. Beni says:

    I tried Ubuntu (in dual boot) a few years ago being curious and bored of Win XP. I liked it very much because of the economy of resources (old laptop), faster Internet and great customizability. You could customize absolutely everything. Too bad that my laptop was to old to support all the effects.

    I switched completely to Ubuntu as soon as I realized that I could to all my work using it (for me it is basicly Latex typewriting, and a few math software programs). I could live with Unity IF the left panel would be customizabile, i.e. I could move it to the bottom or to the right and make it to fit the icons that it contains (somehow like the MacOS dock).

    I was so dissapointed to see that something that was completely customizable (you could even add panels on every side of the screen before) has become rigid, even if only a part of it. I was so annoyed that I switched to Linux Mint.

    Unity defenders say that Ubuntu makes steps towards the future, and the new interface is more suitable for tablets. I would like to underline the fact that Ubuntu without command line and an external keyboard is unusable if you are a power user (and not just a multimedia user).

    In conclusion, I would accept Unity if I would be free to customize everything, but I cannot accept to be fed that annoying panel on the left.

  3. leonard t hall says:

    what a revoltin’ development…. i have always loved linux since the first time i found an old knoppix live cd and figured out how to set my bios to boot from cd. It was like a whole new unexplored world opened up! i had gotte a mac used it for a week and gave it away.got a windows 95 machine and started enjoying the internet,heard about linux knoppix was so cool had been thru the finding drivers madness usb not working and such.years later i met ubuntu she was so sleek and clever it was infatuation at first sight!!!!!!! she just got sexier as time went by…….then she joined a cult…..the unity church of mac worship.where was my sweet sweet ubuntu? lost oh lost why take a modified phone os reworked to a lousy tablet os and put it on an alter????? i knew
    when she first lifted her skirts for google and gave them a child to raise in the image of IOS i felt a chill.i did not want to believe the truth….but now everyone knows shes just another dirty stinking MACroSOFT clone whore………….my heart bleeds

  4. Techheadz says:

    I really hope the focus of Ubuntu 13.04 shifts from eye candy to performance. Get Ubuntu back to what it was best at, performance and the ability to take more control over your desktop. I like the way Unity is layed out, but I don’t like the performance drop I have to make because of these desktop effects. The only way to disable is by installing the compiz settings manager, so there is no easy way for new users to enjoy Ubuntu. It’s going to put people off in my opinion. In my opinion dropping Unity 2d was a mistake. Onwards and upwards.