thank you, all

I started blogging about Ubuntu Linux in 2008, after I happened to mention in passing some troubles I had with Ubuntu 8.04, and noticed the next day that one post got 3x as many hits as the rest of my blog combined. This was pretty cool, so I started a blog devoted exclusively to Ubuntu and other technology topics. At its peak, it pulled down about 110,00 hits a month.

Then in the beginning of 2012, I started experimenting with ebooks. Eventually I had the idea of combining my most popular Ubuntu posts into an ebook, which I did. After I uploaded it, I hemmed and hawed, and finally decided to suspend the book while I thought about it some more. (Self-publishing an ebook is scary the first time. The thirtieth, less so.)

So when I logged in to suspend the book…I saw that it had sold two copies since the last time I had logged in. And I had done nothing to promote it, no links, no blog posts, I hadn’t lifted a finger.

“Huh,” I thought. “There could be something to this.”

So now, 19 months later, I’m pleased to report that THE UBUNTU BEGINNER’S GUIDE has sold its 10,000th copy, and I am planning to update it to a fifth edition sometime in January.

Thank you, all! When you write fiction, you hope that the reader finds the book entertaining. For THE UBUNTU BEGINNER’S GUIDE, I hope all ten thousand of you found the book useful.


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