Sword & Sorceress 22 – The Contributor Interviews

The Sword & Sorceress 22 anthology is coming out on November 15th. To help promote it, I’m going to start a new blog feature. For the next several weeks, every Wednesday I will post a new interview with one of the S&S22 contributors. You’ll be able to see the interviews at my main blog:


Or at my LJ:


Eventually, all the interviews will be under the “Sword & Sorceress 22” tag:

Look for the first interview at this space a week from today.

It will make for an interesting range of perspectives, since the contributors range from seasoned writers with dozens of credits under their belt to a college-age writer with her first sale (and those, like myself, who fall somewhere in the middle).
Additional details are below, in handy FAQ format.

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: So that we’ll all become insanely rich and powerful. Or, barring that, to help promote the anthology, which will hopefully do quite well.

Q: Will you interview all the S&S22 contributors?

A: As many as I can. It would be nice if I could get an interview from everyone, but I understand that some people prefer not be interviewed, or aren’t all that comfortable with the Internet.

Q: What will these interviews consist of?

A: Just a few questions; background, interests, that kind of thing. We’ll also have a teaser paragraph from the contributor’s story. And a picture, if the particular interviewee is comfortable doing so.

Q: Didn’t you steal this idea from jimhines, who did something similar for the Heroes In Training anthology?

A: Inspired by. The phrase is inspired by.

Q: Will you interview yourself?

A: That would be the height of egotism. So I’ll have to think about it.


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