DOSBox update

Well, well. It seems that DOSBox has been chosen’s Project of the Month for May 2009. Any reader of this blog know that I’m quite a fan of DOSBox, so any enhancements and improvements would be welcome. Though I hope they don’t screw up what is already quite an excellent software product.

I’m curious about their plans to include a graphical front-end for the product, since to use DOSBox effectively you need a working knowledge of DOS commands. This has never been a problem for me; DOS was the platform I used in grade school, and many of the commands carry over to Windows Server administration. My youngest brother, though, was born in 1993, and has never used a computer that didn’t have a GUI. Once I explained the basics to him, he caught on quickly, but unless I had done so, the lack of GUI would have been an insurmountable entry barrier.

An interview with the DOSBox creators can be found here.


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