Knights of the Old Republic

Way back in 2004, I saw the PC version of “Knights of the Old Republic” on sale for $20, so I bought it. But I was quite busy in 2004, what with having two jobs and laboring under the delusion that I would finish graduate school, so I planned to play it when I had a chance, which never quite came around. My youngest brother loved reminding me of this fact, and I loaned him the game for a better part of the year, and I believe he beat it twice, and I still never got around to playing it.

Well, it’s been five years, and I’m still decompressing from writing “Ghost in the Blood”, so I thought the time had come. Here’s the one paragraph review so far:

It’s Baldur’s Gate! But IN SPACE! WITH LIGHSABERS!

It has that nicely epic Bioware RPG feel, where the protagonist is a Man of Destiny at the center of his own epic quest. The first mission in the game, with many side-quests, is to rescue a female Jedi Knight named Bastila Shan:

Bastila is hot. Of course, she’s also something of an insecure, nagging shrew, so under the Ironclad Laws Of Narrative Causality, I suspect she will become the protagonist’s love interest. Though in real life, I’ve noticed that women who project hostility are not masking latent attraction but more hostility, and buckets of it. Alas that all hostile women are not voiced by Jennifer Hale!

And speaking of real life, in the game’s combat system, a man with a freaking sword can consistently defeat guys with guns, body armor, and personal force fields. So accuracy seems not have been a high priority for the developers.

But who cares? “Knights of the Old Republic” is fun. I predict that I shall enjoy wasting time on it.


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