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CLOAK GAMES & writer milestones

I was looking at the Kobo Epic Fantasy bestseller list, and I saw that CLOAK GAMES: FROST FEVER was right next to the Terry Brooks Starter Pack, which contained THE SWORD OF SHANNARA, MAGIC KINGDOM FOR SALE, and RUNNING WITH THE DEMON.

It was pretty cool to see that because I read all three of those books a long time ago, before the Internet, (I think I read RUNNING WITH THE DEMON in 1997, which was the first year I used the Internet), and long before I became a writer. MAGIC KINGDOM FOR SALE is still one of my favorite books, lo these many years later.

So that was one of those cool little writer milestones that you don’t expect. Thanks everyone!




As a follow-up to yesterday’s post about the cover image of FROSTBORN: THE DRAGON KNIGHT, here are answers to some questions:

-The cover was done by Clarissa Yeo of Yocla Designs. She does good work!

-If all goes well, FROSTBORN: THE DRAGON KNIGHT will come out in March. (Bear in mind that “in March” includes up to 11:59 PM on March 31st, technically.)

-In March, I will finish writing CLOAK GAMES: TOMB HOWL. That should come out in April.

-In April, I’m going to start writing the final FROSTBORN book and GHOST IN THE RING. If all goes well, the last FROSTBORN book will come out in May, and GHOST IN THE RING will come out in June/July.

That’s the plan for the next couple of months, barring weather, health, Real Life, etc.

Thanks for reading! More books soon. 🙂



Apropos of a discussion in the CLOAK GAMES thread, I should mention that I liked to think of my writing career as being like the Borg from STAR TREK.

I am always trying to learn new things and adapt new techniques and new technologies.

Of course, if one day you look up and the see the sun blocked out by a Giant Space Cube, you’ll know I’ve taken the metaphor too far. 🙂



I wrote 7,000 words of FROSTBORN: THE DRAGON KNIGHT today.

I feel like the scene I wrote today has a lot of emotional resolution. Like, this is the 2nd to last book in the series, so it’s time to start wrapping up some of the plot arcs that have been going on ever since Ridmark walked into Dun Licinia on the day of the omen of blue fire.

I think this scene is a good resolution to one of those plot arcs. Hopefully the readers feel the same way! 🙂


ebook sales 2016, all other series

Here’s some more details about ebook sales for 2016.

FROSTBORN was my bestselling series at 66% of the total, with THE GHOSTS/GHOST EXILE coming in at 12.2%. In a close third was the DEMONSOULED/MASK OF THE DEMONSOULED series at 11.7% of the total. Let’s look at my remaining series now:

Technical Nonfiction Books: 2.8%




That’s actually pretty cool about THE TOWER OF ENDLESS WORLDS. I started working on what would become that series in 2002, and fifteen years later it is still selling copies. Can’t complain about that!

I’m also pleased THE THIRD SOUL is still selling. I suppose it was sheer luck that I started writing more in THE GHOSTS series instead of THE THIRD SOUL. When I discovered the Kindle in 2011, I had three GHOSTS novels ready to go, so I published those and wound up writing way more in the series.

I think the CLOAK GAMES percentage will go up in 2017, partly because I’m writing more CLOAK GAMES books in 2017, and partly because the first book is now free on all platforms. For example in November of 2016, CLOAK GAMES was 1.6% of the month’s book sales. After the 1st book went free in December, the total in December rose to 6.4%.

I have to admit that while I like doing technical nonfiction books, I don’t think I’m going to do any in 2017. For one, they’re a lot more work than novels, since they need to be researched and tested. For another, novels sell better (and therefore pay better). Six years on, and that STILL boggles my mind. When I started self-publishing in 2011, I thought there would be more money writing about Linux and computers than writing novels. Sometimes it’s nice to be wrong!

(Which is kind of funny, because I never talk about my writing in Real Life since it takes too long to explain the truth. If people figure out that I’m a writer, I usually tell them I’m a technical writer. Since I’ve written nine technical books, this is technically (heh) true, and it has the additional advantage of avoiding social awkwardness since no one wants to listen to me talk about Linux. 🙂 )

So instead of writing a technical nonfiction book, I think I’ll use that space in my schedule instead to work on a different series of novels. Hopefully I can have those out later this year!

I was going to say that I’m looking forward to publishing new books in 2017, but since I wrote this back in January I’ve published two new books and two new short stories, so instead I’ll say I’m looking forward to continuing to publish new books in 2017!

And thanks for reading (and buying copies)!