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GHOST IN THE HUNT table of contents

The table of contents for GHOST IN THE HUNT.  I always enjoy thinking up the chapter titles. :)

Chapter 1 – Shadow Knives

Chapter 2 – Voices

Chapter 3 – Thieves

Chapter 4 – The Lord Ambassador’s Wife

Chapter 5 – The Umbarian Order

Chapter 6 – Poems

Chapter 7 – Embassies

Chapter 8 – Huntress

Chapter 9 – Masks

Chapter 10 – Refuge

Chapter 11 – Pilgrims

Chapter 12 – The Old Religion

Chapter 13 – The Headman

Chapter 14 – Confessions

Chapter 15 – Balarigar

Chapter 16 – Friends and Allies

Chapter 17 – Silent Ash Temple

Chapter 18 – Promises

Chapter 19 – At The End

Chapter 20 – Huntress and Prey

Chapter 21 – Wider Circles

Chapter 22 – The Loremaster



Who should play Caina Amalas, part II

Between Facebook, this website, Goodreads, and Twitter, we had fifteen different nominations for our unofficial “who should play Caina Amalas” poll. You can pick your top two choices below, and next week we’ll announce the winner and the runner up!

Who should play Caina Amalas?

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Who should play Caina Amalas?

One of the most common questions I get concerns who I think should play Caina Amalas in any (purely hypothetical, alas) movie or TV adaptation of THE GHOSTS.

My usual response to this question is “Umm…” because my knowledge of contemporary pop culture is, alas, rather lacking. I customarily say that I think Caina looks like Trinity from the first MATRIX movie, but the first MATRIX movie came out in 1999, which was probably the last time my knowledge of pop culture was anything approaching current.

So let’s open it up to nominations! Suggest who you think should play Caina in a movie or TV adaptation, and in a few days we’ll run a poll to decide the winner.


a snippet from GHOST IN THE HUNT

I like this bit from GHOST IN THE HUNT:

“For the gods’ sake,” said Caina, her temper slipping a bit. “Have you only shown up to say you cannot help me? Why bother at all then? If I happen to starve to death, are you going to appear with a bowl of rice and eat it while saying that you are forbidden from feeding me?”

“Of course not,” said Samnirdamnus. “I am an immortal spirit of the netherworld. I do not require material sustenance.”



ebook sales breakdown for July 2014

After I mentioned that FROSTBORN: THE IRON TOWER sold more copies on Amazon UK than on Amazon US, a few people wanted to know where I sold the most books. That seemed like an interesting question, so here is the percentage breakdown of where I sold books in July.

Amazon US = 45%

Amazon UK = 31%

Barnes & Noble = 10%

Apple iBooks = 5%

Google Play = 2.5%

Amazon Australia = 1.3%

Kobo = 1.1%

Other (Scribd/Oyster/etc) = 1.1%

Amazon Germany = 0.8%

So Amazon is the big fish with about 80% of the total, but I did have quite a bit of growth in Google Play from earlier in the year. Google Play sells in a lot of different countries, so it is interesting to see where people buy books. It has been an educational experience – prior to Google Play, I did not know that the national currency of Vietnam was the “dong”, but I do now!


GHOST IN THE HUNT book description

Here is the official description for GHOST IN THE HUNT:

CAINA AMALAS is the Ghost circlemaster of Istarinmul, the leader of the Emperor’s spies in the city. With the aid of mysterious allies, she fights to stop the sinister plans of the ruthless Grand Master Callatas.

But Callatas has spent two centuries preparing to remake humanity, and he will exterminate any who dare to oppose him.

CLAUDIA ABERON DORIUS was once a sorceress of the Imperial Magisterium, yet now she is the wife of a high noble of the Empire. Civil war rips the Empire, and the rebel sorcerers have targeted her beloved husband for death. Claudia has no choice but to work with Caina, the woman she despises most in the world, to save her husband’s life.

But a danger comes that neither Caina nor Claudia have foreseen…

KALGRI is the Red Huntress, the centuries-old assassin of legend. She has killed kings and princes, sorcerers and alchemists, young and old and rich and poor, and laughed at their screams and rejoiced at the tears of their families. She has slain countless innocents, and no one has ever stopped her.

And her next target is Caina Amalas.