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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

I watched the BBC adaptation of JONATHAN STRANGE & MR NORRELL this weekend and quite liked it. All the performances were excellent, and I liked how it brought an air of menace and danger to magic, especially in the person of the psychotic Gentleman With The Thistledown Hair. He brought to mind the Terry Pratchett quote about Elves: namely, that Elves are terrific, in that they bring terror.

Regrettably, it did not include my favorite scene from the book, but nothing can be perfect, alas. :)


a short CLOAK GAMES: THIEF TRAP excerpt

Let’s have a short excerpt from CLOAK GAMES: THIEF TRAP!

First, before we even left the hospital, a physician visited, and gave me a drug that induced unconsciousness. When I awoke, I had a sharp pain in my chest and back, accompanied by a nasty bruise and a bandage. Morvilind informed me that he had drawn out a vial of heart’s blood, and with his magic he could use that blood to find me anywhere in the world or the Shadowlands if I ran. And with that vial of blood, his magic could kill me from any distance as easily as crushing a cherry in his fist.

That should demonstrate the overall tone of our relationship.


CLOAK GAMES: THIEF TRAP book description

Doing some edits on CLOAK GAMES: THIEF TRAP today. What’s the book about? Well, here’s the official description:

In 2013, a gate to another world opened, and Elves used their magic to conquer Earth, crushing all resistance before them.

Three hundred years after the Conquest, the exiled Elven High Queen rules an orderly but stagnant Earth, with humanity forced to fight in the High Queen’s war against the traitors on the Elven homeworld.

Nadia Moran doesn’t care about that. She doesn’t care about the High Queen, or the Rebels seeking to overthrow her. All she cares about is getting her baby brother the treatments he needs to recover from his potentially fatal disease…and those treatments have a steep price.

Fortunately, Nadia has magic of her own, and she’s a very, very good thief.

Unfortunately, the powerful Elven lord Morvilind has a hold on Nadia. If she doesn’t follow his commands, her brother is going to die.

Of course, given how dangerous Morvilind’s missions are, Nadia might not live long enough to see her brother’s death…


so what’s the new book about?

So if I’m almost done with a new book set in a new setting, what’s it about?

Well, the basic premise of FROSTBORN is that the survivors of Arthur Pendragon’s realm went through a gate to a new world, a world where magic worked, and spent the next thousand years building a civilization.

The new book is basically the same premise, just reversed.

What if in 2013 or thereabouts a gate opened on Earth, and magic-using invaders conquered the planet? After the conquest was finished, what kind of civilization would there be?

We shall find out next month!


a secret project

I will start writing FROSTBORN: THE WORLD GATE by the end of the month, just as soon as I finish my secret project.

What’s my secret project? A new fantasy book in a new setting with new characters! It should be out in mid-August. Watch this space for forthcoming details.


GHOST IN THE SEAL now available!


I am pleased to report that GHOST IN THE SEAL is now available at Amazon,Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany, Amazon Australia,Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, iTunes, and Smashwords.

Read a sample chapter from GHOST IN THE SEAL.

CAINA AMALAS is out of time.

She has risked too much for too long, and her enemies have finally closed around her. The Staff and Seal of Iramis have been found, and threaten to destroy the world with their sorcerous powers.

The terrible Apotheosis of the evil Grand Master Callatas will succeed unless Caina makes one final sacrifice.

Unless she makes the ultimate sacrifice…



GHOST IN THE SEAL table of contents

Looks like GHOST IN THE SEAL will be about 102,000 words long, which puts it at approximately 4,925 Kindle locations. We’ll have a sample chapter later this week, but meanwhile here is the table of contents!

Chapter 1: Bad Omens

Chapter 2: The Business of Spycraft

Chapter 3: Necessary Allies

Chapter 4: Necessary Villains

Chapter 5: Mistaken Identity

Chapter 6: Worse Omens

Chapter 7: Traps

Chapter 8: Closing Jaws

Chapter 9: Fire and Lore

Chapter 10: Patience

Chapter 11: Knives and Liquor

Chapter 12: Maybe Not

Chapter 13: Let Someone Else Do The Dirty Work

Chapter 14: Pyramid Isle

Chapter 15: Guardians of Heresy

Chapter 16: An Open Grave

Chapter 17: Things Grown In Darkness

Chapter 18: The Accusing Dead

Chapter 19: We Meet Again

Chapter 20: Prophecies

Chapter 21: Ashes

Chapter 22: Aspects

Chapter 23: Valikarion

Chapter 24: Stop Talking