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A few people asked what CLOAK GAMES: SHATTER STONE will be about, so here are the first few paragraphs of the book:

A mistake caught up to me.

To be blunt, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but I almost always wriggle out of them.

Some of that is because I’m clever and a very good liar. Some of it is because I have magic, and I know spells that no human is supposed to ever learn. Some of it is because I’m in good shape, and I can run faster than a lot of the things that wanted to kill me. A lot of it is because I always assume the worst is going to happen and prepare for it as thoroughly as I can. That saved my life a lot of times.

Though some of my ability to wriggle out of mistakes – if I’m honest with myself – is because I’m pretty, and I can smile and stand up straight and stick my chest out a little and flirt my way out of trouble.

A pretty smile at the right time can smooth over all kinds of problems.

But not this. Not this mistake. This time, the mistake caught up to me, and there was no way I could avoid it.

It caught up to me on the day I had coffee with my brother’s girlfriend’s grandfather.

Yeah. It was kind of awkward.


eating the seed corn

As frequent readers know, I strongly endorse self-publishing. That’s why I found this article cited at The Passive Voice interesting. Key quote:

No adult fiction title released in the January-through-June period managed to make the top 20 print bestsellers list in the first half of the year. In the first six months of 2015, two novels released that year, The Girl on the Train and Grey, held the first and third spots, respectively, on the print list and were #1 and #2 on the Amazon Top 20 Kindle E-books List.

I wondered in the past if publishers would have difficulty recruiting talent as more and more writers move to self-publishing. In the short-term that isn’t a problem for the publishers, but in the long-term, it’s hard to be a publisher when no one approaches you to publish stuff.



publishing plans for the rest of 2016

Now that GHOST IN THE WINDS is done, here’s what I’m planning to do for the rest of 2016.

-First, I’m going to finish MASK OF SPELLS. I started it way back in June, but due to reader demand I first wrote FROSTBORN: THE FALSE KING and GHOST IN THE WINDS. I’m on Chapter 5 of 20, and I hope to finish writing that sometime in September or October.

-After MASK OF SPELLS, I will start on FROSTBORN: THE DWARVEN PRINCE, and that should be done before the end of 2016.

-I’m also going to start CLOAK GAMES: SHATTER STONE and work on the book on the side while I finish MASK OF SPELLS and FROSTBORN: THE DWARVEN PRINCE. I think CLOAK GAMES: SHATTER STONE will be the last book I publish in 2016. (Nadia’s dealt with the Elves for the last four books – in this one she will encounter the dwarves.)

Then on to 2017!


GHOST IN THE WINDS now available!


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The Apotheosis has come at last, and it will shatter the world.

CAINA is trapped in the ruins of an ancient necromancer’s tomb. Unless she escapes the lethal trap, there will be no one to stop Grand Master Callatas from unleashing the Apotheosis.

KYLON is desperate to save Caina’s life. The deadly Red Huntress is coming for Caina, and only by the sacrifice of his own life can Kylon save Caina from the Huntress’s blade.

Or the Red Huntress might simply kill them both.

CALLATAS is ready to call the Apotheosis and create a new humanity to replace the old.

Of course, the old humanity will have to die first…every last man, woman, and child.

And he will start with Caina Amalas.

Genre of the Ghosts

One of the things I enjoyed about writing (and continuing to write) the GHOSTS books is that they kind of change genres from time to time.

Like (in my opinion), CHILD OF THE GHOSTS was a coming of age story. GHOST IN THE FLAMES and GHOST IN THE COWL were both more like mysteries. GHOST IN THE MAZE was a heist novel. GHOST IN THE HUNT, GHOST IN THE STORM, and GHOST IN THE INFERNO were more like thrillers. GHOST IN THE SEAL was a romance novel, and the last three of GHOST EXILE go right into epic fantasy.

But, as ever, the writer’s opinion often has absolutely no bearing on what the readers think of the book. 🙂