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I’ve always wondered if I would ever sell more copies of a book on Amazon UK than on Amazon US, and it finally happened. In August, CLOAK GAMES: THIEF TRAP sold 48 more copies on Amazon UK than Amazon US.

Thanks, UK readers! (And thanks US readers, as well.)

Actually, there’s no mystery how it happened. I deliberately set the first part of CLOAK GAMES: THIEF TRAP in 2013 so I could put it in the Alternate History category on Amazon. On Amazon US that category churns pretty quickly, but on Amazon UK it tends to be a bit more stable. The book hit the top #10 in the Alternate History category on Amazon UK and has stayed there ever since, which generated quite a few sales just from its visibility at the top of the list.

So, thank you all! CLOAK GAMES: THIEF TRAP did considerably better than I had anticipated, which makes me look forward to starting on CLOAK GAMES: FROST FEVER in a bit.


Happy Sextilis

Speaking of ancient Roman history, I wonder how many people know that the month of August was named for Caesar Augustus, the first Roman emperor?

Of course, August was originally named Sextilis, because it used to be the 6th month of the Roman year before Julius Caesar reformed the calendar while he was dictator.

Just as well it was renamed. Saying that school starts in Sextilis just sounds weird.


FROSTBORN and Roman history

Working on THE SOLDIER’S TALE, the short story set in the world of the FROSTBORN I’ll give away for free to newsletter subscribers when FROSTBORN: THE WORLD GATE comes out in September. Since all the humans of Andomhaim are descended from the Romans of Britannia on Old Earth, the main character in THE SOLDIER’S TALE quotes a guy named Vegetius repeatedly.

It’s always fun when I can work a little real-world history in FROSTBORN.

If you’ve never heard of Vegetius, a good thumbnail summary is at this link.


rough draft of FROSTBORN: THE WORLD GATE now finished

I am pleased to report that the rough draft of FROSTBORN: THE WORLD GATE is done! 102,000 words in 30 days.

This weekend I’ll be writing THE SOLDIER’S TALE, a short story set in the world of the Frostborn. When FROSTBORN: THE WORLD GATE comes out towards the end of September, I’ll give away free copies of THE SOLDIER’S TALE (via Smashwords coupon code) to subscribers of my new-release newsletter.

If you haven’t subscribed to my new-release newsletter yet, you can do so here!


what am I writing next?

Lately I’ve gotten some questions about what book I will write next, so I thought I’d share my schedule here.

Right now I’m working on FROSTBORN: THE WORLD GATE and CLOAK GAMES: FROST FEVER. If all goes well, I hope FROSTBORN: THE WORLD GATE will come out toward the end of September, and CLOAK GAMES: FROST FEVER sometime in October.

After that comes GHOST IN THE THRONE, which is GHOST EXILE #7, and a (so-far) unnamed third CLOAK GAMES novel. If all goes according to plan, GHOST IN THE THRONE will come out in late November/early December, and CLOAK GAMES #3 either in December or January of 2016.

Then I will start on MASK OF DRAGONS, the second MASK OF THE DEMONSOULED book (at last!), which will be my first book of 2016.

I’m also working on a short book called WINDOWS 10: 101 TIPS & TRICKS, and I want to have it done in time for Christmas. That should be doable, since I’m about 25% of the way through it. I want to have it done by Christmas because a lot of people will be getting shiny new Windows 10 tablets and laptops and will be confused by the shiny new operating system, and I want one of my books to be there to aid them in their bewilderment. :) My book on Windows 8.1 was the #1 Operating Systems book on Amazon US and Amazon UK for a while, and that is a feat I hope to duplicate.

Anyway, those are my writing plans for the rest of 2015, subject to intervention by God, fate, illness, or just plain bad luck. :)



progress update on FROSTBORN: THE WORLD GATE

Now on chapter 14 of 24 in FROSTBORN: THE WORLD GATE, so I think it’s time to share a short excerpt.

“I must say, Gray Knight,” said Jager. “That was impressively insulting.”

“Thank you,” said Ridmark.

“Clearly you have learned a thing or two from me,” said Jager.

“Yes,” said Morigna. “If one wished to learn to be offensive, one could do worse than to watch you.”


Kindle Unlimited 1.0 vs Kindle Unlimited 2.0

Today Amazon released the payment rate for July under the new terms of the Kindle Unlimited program, $0.0058 per page. Previously, the writer got paid when the reader borrowed a book and reached the 10% mark, and the writer was typically paid about $1.30 per borrow. Under the new terms, which began in July, the writer was paid per page actually read. As you can imagine, this disadvantages writers of short stories, while advantaging writers of longer works. (One suspects Amazon wanted to get longer books into Kindle Unlimited.)

So how does this work in practice? My DEMONSOULED series is currently in Kindle Unlimited, which meant I could compare the results in June, the last month of the old terms, to the first month of the new terms in July.

In June, the DEMONSOULED books were borrowed 183 times, which meant I got paid about $237.90.

In July, under the new page-read system, 139, 255 pages of DEMONSOULED were read. (If my math is right, that would have been about 136 borrows under the old system, assuming that all the books were read in the entirety.) That means I got paid about $807.

Needless to say, I consider July’s Kindle Unlimited experiment to be a success. :)

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future. Right now, SOUL OF SWORDS costs $3.99, which gets me about $2.79 a sale. SOUL OF SWORDS counts as 1,144 Kindle Unlimited pages, so if someone borrows it through KU and reads the entire book, I get $6.63! That doesn’t seem sustainable in the long term, so I expect Amazon will change either the payment per page, or more likely, how it calculates page count for a book.