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FROSTBORN: THE UNDYING WIZARD audiobook now available!

I am very pleased to report that FROSTBORN: THE UNDYING WIZARD, the third book of the FROSTBORN series, is now available in audiobook!

You can get the audiobook at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Australia, iTunes, and Audible.

I really enjoyed the first two audiobooks and I’m looking forward to listening to the third. I used to joke that I wanted to write the kind of books that I would enjoy reading. You can’t enjoy reading your own book, of course, but as it turns out, you can enjoy an excellent narrator reading them aloud.


the audiobook experience

Amusingly, I finished listening to the first FROSTBORN audio book the day after I finished writing the rough draft of the final FROSTBORN book.

I have to admit I never really got into audiobooks, probably because I never had long stretches of time where I could listen to them. Performing server administration or writing books are not conducive activities for listening to something with narration in the background. 🙂

Commutes are good for audiobooks, but thankfully the last time I had a long commute was in 2004-2005, when I had a 120 mile round trip 3 to 5 times a week. Alas, back then audio books were only available in either cassette or CD form. This was an inconvenient format, since changing CDs on the freeway is a great way to go through the guard rail at 70 MPH.

Also, I couldn’t afford audiobooks, because big bundles of CDs are expensive, and I had to save my money for gas for the 120 mile commute. So it’s only after I got an iPod Touch in 2012 that I started to listen to audiobooks for long trips, since it’s way easier to download them to an iPod than to mess with a big bundle of CDs on the road.

I had to do a lot of driving over the last couple of weeks, and that made a good time for listening to the audiobook of FROSTBORN: THE GRAY KNIGHT.

It was really good, and for the first time, I got to experience the FROSTBORN universe from the outside, as it were. Or someone else’s interpretation of it, which was a new experience for me, since I’ve never had an audiobook of my own work before. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the FROSTBORN universe, so this was the first time I got to see it from the perspective of the audience. That alone was a cool experience. I really liked Mr. Crossley’s voices for Ridmark and Calliande.

Also, I am amazed in hindsight how much foreshadowing I managed to pack into FROSTBORN: THE GRAY KNIGHT.

You can get the audiobook at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon AUiTunes, and Audible.



I had a chance to listen to the first nine chapters of the FROSTBORN: THE EIGHTFOLD KNIFE audiobook a few days ago, and I quite enjoyed listening to it.

It’s nice to revisit work you did years ago and find that it held up well. Also!


All of Agnes’s scenes are massively creepy in hindsight. She was such a nice old lady! 🙂


FROSTBORN: THE SHADOW PRISON rough draft finished!

I am pleased to report that the rough draft of FROSTBORN: THE SHADOW PRISON is now complete. 146,700 words in 28 days!

Next up is the short story THE ELDER SHAMANS, the final short story in THE BONE QUEST series of FROSTBORN short stories. Newsletter subscribers will a coupon code to get THE ELDER SHAMANS for free.

Once that is done, I’ll start cracking on edits. Once the edits are done, I think THE SHADOW PRISON will be just slightly shorter than SOUL OF SWORDS, which will make it my second-longest book to date.

THE SHADOW PRISON was 146,700 words in 28 days, but the FROSTBORN series was fifteen books in four years. Fifteen!

What a ride! Thanks for coming along to the end! 🙂


writing priorities

It’s funny how priorities change over the years. Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus came out today, and in the old days I would have spent my writing time downloading, installing, and testing it.

Instead, I’m going to use today’s writing time to try and push to the end of FROSTBORN: THE SHADOW PRISON. So no more Internet until FROSTBORN: THE SHADOW PRISON is done!

Fortunately, I don’t think that’s too far off now. 🙂


why so serial?


Matthew asks in response to my post about writing 10,000 words in a single day:

“You ever thought about writing serially? Like releasing a few chapters of something a week and making it like 99 cents? 10k is absolutely insane. I’m not sure I know another author who makes 10k words in a week.”

Good question! Actually, I have tried something like that, and I concluded that it doesn’t work at all well.

I released THE THIRD SOUL as a serial, and I wrote THE BONE QUEST series of FROSTBORN short stories structured as a serial, and based on the reaction to them I’ve come to the conclusion that a large majority of readers simply do not like serials and prefer novels. Both THE THIRD SOUL and THE BONE QUEST get a lot of complaints because of their length.

So, I’ve concluded that the majority of readers prefer novels to short stories, novellas, and serials. (I like short stories, but I kind of suspect they might be an artifact of the old days when people did a lot of reading in magazines and there were only so many pages available.)

I think the only way a serial would work is if you wrote the entire thing in advance and made sure each, say, 10k words were ready to go every Friday, like a webcomic artist who prepares three or four weeks’ worth of comics in advance before launching his website.

Of course, if you did that much work, you could just release it as a novel to fewer complaints about length.

I’m launching three new novel series this year – SEVENFOLD SWORD, GHOST NIGHT, and a science fiction series, and I haven’t decided if I’m going to have short stories accompanying them. If I do, I think I’ll group the stories in their own series like THE BONE QUEST, but have each one be completely stand alone.