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Working on THE RUNE KNIGHT today, the short story that will come out with MASK OF SPELLS next month.

I always enjoy writing Mazael Cravenlock as a younger man. Younger Mazael had much worse impulse control and liked to drink and to fight, and not necessarily in that order, and his girlfriend at the time was a schemer with questionable morals.

So you wouldn’t want to meet them in real life, but they’re fun to write about! 🙂


MASK OF SPELLS rough draft finished!

I am pleased to report that despite many, many, many obstacles over the last two months, last night I finished the rough draft of MASK OF SPELLS at 94,000 words.

Tomorrow I’m going to start THE RUNE KNIGHT, the short story I’ll give away for free to my new-release newsletter subscribers when MASK OF SPELLS comes out in late October. Be sure to subscribe today!


more MASK OF SPELLS progress

Now on Chapter 12 of 20 of MASK OF SPELLS!

For all that I’ve been busy in Real Life (nothing bad, just necessary and time-consuming), I’ve made more progress than I expected. Once MASK OF SPELLS is done, it will be amusing to post my daily word count, and you can see just exactly when I got really busy. 🙂

Anyway, if all goes well and if God is willing I should be able to resume my normal writing schedule on 9/26 or so, and hopefully I can have the rough draft of MASK OF SPELLS wrapped up soon after that.