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How many DEMONSOULED books?

In today’s mail came a question asking how many total DEMONSOULED books there are.

Right now there are ten DEMONSOULED books in two series, and both series are finished.(So, no waiting for it to be finished! 🙂 The first series, the DEMONSOULED series proper, has seven books. The second series, MASK OF THE DEMONSOULED, is a trilogy with three books.

The first book DEMONSOULED is free on all ebook platforms if you want to give it a try.


15 years of DEMONSOULED

It just occurred to me that I started writing DEMONSOULED in August of 2001.

Fifteen years! Man. A lot has changed since 2001.

One of those changes is that unlike in August 2001 in August 2016 someone bought at least one copy of a DEMONSOULED book every day worldwide. I like to consider that a good change. 🙂

Thanks everyone! When I started DEMONSOULED in 2001, I had no idea I would still be working on the series 15 years later.


Kindle Unlimited and DEMONSOULED, Part I – a 56% successful experiment

(Today I’m going to ramble a bit about the business of self-publishing. Feel free to skip if it’s not a topic of interest!)

Recently, I decided to do an experiment with the DEMONSOULED series and Kindle Unlimited. DEMONSOULED will be in Kindle Unlimited for May, June, and most of July.

Kindle Unlimited (KU), if you haven’t heard of it, is basically Amazon’s version of Netflix for ebooks. Basically, you pay $9.99 a month in the US and £7.99 in the UK, and you can read all the ebooks you want from Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited catalog. For readers, especially the sort of power readers who can get through multiple books a day, this is a pretty good deal.

For writers, this can be a variable deal. Basically, once 10% of a borrowed book has been read, the writer receives a payment. The payment comes out of a fund of money Amazon sets aside each month for KU, which is then divided by the number of borrows total across Amazon for the month. The fund is typically set at $3 million, so the payment per borrow will be $3 million divided by the total number of borrows. So far, this has been about $1 to $2 per borrow. That said, Amazon seems to have stabilized the rate at around $1.30 per borrow by adding additional money to the fund every month, since (so far) Amazon seems unwilling to allow the borrow rate to drop below $1.30. It looks the rate for May came to about $1.34.

(ADDENDUM: The day I typed this, 6/15/2015, Amazon changed the payment structure for KU starting in July. It looks like instead of paying at 10%, KU will now pay roughly $0.01 for every page a reader actually reads. So July’s post will have to reflect that, though it doesn’t apply to May or to June.)

There’s a catch, though – to be in KU, a book has to be in Amazon’s Kindle Select program, which confers a number of benefits (you can set a book to free for 5 days every 90 days), but a book can only be on Amazon – no Barnes & Noble, no Kobo, no iBookstore, no Google Play, no Scribd, nothing. It has to be only in Amazon.

This wasn’t something I was willing to do. On any given month, about 75% to 80% of my sales are on Amazon, which means to do KU, I would have had to walk away from about 25% of my monthly book sales. I wasn’t willing to do that with my novels or technical books.

That said, I’ve written a lot of books – over forty novels and a bunch of shorter things, for a total of over 100 different ebooks available. So I have some room to experiment. I’ve also noticed that some writers do really, really well off Kindle Unlimited. Granted, a lot of these writers seem to write romance novels where the female protagonist is in a love triangle with a vampire and a werewolf (or, depending on genre, a werebear or weredragon), or in a love triangle with a 21st century billionaire and a 12th century Scottish lord, and I don’t write books like that. That’s not to knock romance books – I simply don’t write them. (I usually get four or five books into a series before the protagonist gets a love interest.) So I was curious whether KU only worked for romance writers, or if it would work for fantasy writers as well.

MASK OF SWORDS was what finally prompted me to try the experiment. That book didn’t sell terribly well compared to my other books. Typically, a new GHOSTS novel or a new FROSTBORN book will clear 1,000 copies its first month, and it took MASK OF SWORDS six months to get that far. I would like to do two other MASK OF THE DEMONSOULED books, but pausing on FROSTBORN and THE GHOSTS to write them would take a hit to my book sales.

So what to do? Perhaps if I put the first seven DEMONSOULED books into Kindle Unlimited, I could promote them and get more readers into the DEMONSOULED series, and then I could finish MASK OF THE DEMONSOULED.

I did some math, and between the seven books in the DEMONSOULED series, I typically sold about 100 a month on all the non-Amazon ebook platforms – Barnes  & Noble, Kobo, iBookstore, Google Play, and Smashwords. Since KU pays about $1.30 a borrow, and a DEMONSOULED novel generally nets between $2 and $2.65 per sold copy, I would need to have about 200 borrows per month to cover the removal of the DEMONSOULED series from the other platforms.

So with that in mind, how did DEMONSOULED do in Kindle Unlimited in May?

In May, the DEMONSOULED series had 112 borrows, and sold 281 full copies. So if my goal was 200 borrows to replace the 100 sales DEMONSOULED would have had on all other platforms, the experiment was 56% successful.

Tune in next month for a discussion of June’s borrows – I tried some new marketing tactics in June, and I think it shall have some interesting results.


Reader Question Day #68 – the knightly orders of DEMONSOULED

Note that this week’s Reader Question Day CONTAINS SPOILERS for the entire DEMONSOULED series. Read at your own risk!

MM asks:

Would an Arminiar knight beat a Dominiar or a Justiciar knight?

Probably. The Arminiar knights are battle-hardened, on account of constantly fighting the Malrags coming down from the Great Northern Waste and invading Northreach.In fact, the Arminiars have done their jobs so well that most of the realm thinks Malrags are only a story, or an ancient foe from the past that long ago died out. Of course, in SOUL OF SERPENTS, everyone in the Grim Marches learns otherwise.

The Justiciars and the Dominiars, by contrast, haven’t faced a foe on the level of the Malrags in the centuries since Randur Maendrag accidentally destroyed Old Dracaryl. The Justiciar Order was originally founded to guard the realm from dark magic and serpent worship, but in time became corrupt and more interested in the acquisition of lands, especially after the fall of Old Dracaryl. The Dominiar Order split off in protest of that corruption…and, in time, spent most of its time trying to seize new lands and fighting the Justiciars.

But Mazael destroyed the Dominiars in SOUL OF TYRANTS and the Justiciars in SOUL OF SWORDS. So the Arminiars are the only knightly order left in the realm. One of the ideas I’m contemplating for the next series set in the world of DEMONSOULED is centering the story around the Arminiars, but I haven’t decided anything so far.

EJT asks:

If you do not mind me asking, how many books are you planning for the GHOSTS series?

As long as I can keep ‘em from getting stale and people keep buying them, I’ll keep writing GHOSTS books. :)

More concretely, I’m planning to do between ten and fourteen, with any more beyond fourteen determined by whether or not they’re getting stale and if people are still buying them.


DEMONSOULED – the complete word count of the series

Now that the DEMONSOULED series is complete with SOUL OF SWORDS, I decided to amuse myself by calculating the total word count of the books. Word count is one of those things that writers care about, as writers are often paid by the word, but it generally doesn’t interest most readers. (You can tell whether or not someone is a writer by asking how long a book is – a writer will say “about 100,000 words”, while someone who reads a lot but doesn’t write will simply cite the page count. Or, in the modern era, the number of Kindle locations.)

So how many words long is the DEMONSOULED series? Let’s find out!

Demonsouled: 110,000

Soul of Tyrants: 117,000

Soul of Serpents: 123,000

Soul of Dragons: 114,000 words

Soul of Sorcery : 138,000 words

Soul of Skulls: 142,000 words

Soul of Swords: 148,000 words

The Dragon’s Shadow & short stories: 30,000 words

So a grand total of 922,000 words in 12 years. That comes to approximately 2,363 book pages, more or less, if my math is right.

Of course, I didn’t do anything with DEMONSOULED from 2005 to 2011, so of those 922,000 words, I wrote 695,000 of them in the last two years or so. I have been busy! 🙂


new cover art for SOUL OF DRAGONS

Cover design by Clarissa Yeo.

The DEMONSOULED series, when it’s finished, will have seven books, but I tend to think of it as two trilogies, since a lot of the major plotlines wrapped up in SOUL OF SERPENTS. SOUL OF DRAGONS was the book that got to kick off a lot of the new plotines in the remaining DEMONSOULED books.

So it was a lot of fun to write, since a lot of the big things in the later DEMONSOULED books (the Glamdaigyr, Lucan’s surreal, ruined black city, Arylkrad, Tymaen Highgate, and the rumors of barbarian nations stirring beyond the mountains) got their start in this book. I am pleased and grateful to have had the opportunity to continue the story.


milestones for Demonsouled: Soul of Skulls and Soul of Dragons

Cover image copyright Nejron |

Some good news today – I did some math and found that SOUL OF SKULLS sold its 1,000th copy sometime in the third week of February. Since the book came on January 11th, that means it did 1,000 copies in the space of about five weeks. Not bad!

Also, I’m pleased to report that as of February, SOUL OF DRAGONS sold its 5,000th copy. Since it came out on February 3rd, 2012, that means in precisely one year the book sold 5,000 copies. Thanks, everyone!

SOUL OF DRAGONS joins three other books of mine that have sold more than 5,000 copies – SOUL OF TYRANTS, SOUL OF SERPENTS, and GHOST IN THE FLAMES.


It’s National Novel Writing Month, starting today

Fire up your typewriters! Or advanced computational engines, as the case might be.

Writers occasionally gripe about NaNoWriMo, but I am not one of them. Learning to write is a bit of a struggle. For someone like me, sitting down to write 1,000+ words is a day that ends in “y” (and if I only do 1,000, I’m slacking), but it can seem like a terrifying and daunting challenge to someone who’s never done it before.  So if it helps someone get their 50,000 words down, why not do it?

Therefore, I bid all you NaNoWriMo-ers good luck!

Weirdly, for all these years I’ve been writing, I’ve never actually done NaNoWriMo. I always seem to find myself editing in November. The one exception was last year, when I started SOUL OF DRAGONS in October, and hoped to hit 50,000 words of the rough draft in November, which I did.

This year, I’m editing THE BURNING CHILD right now. However, as soon as that’s done, I hope to get cracking on SOUL OF SKULLS, the next book in the DEMONSOULED series. I might be able to do the first 50,000 words of the rough draft in November, but I should probably attempt to get some sleep at some point. Both these goals might be optimistic. 🙂


Soul of Serpents & Soul of Dragons

The Lord has been good this month. I’ll have a post later this week with more details, but March was a pretty good month for ebook sales, almost as good as February.

First, some exciting news – I am pleased to report that SOUL OF SERPENTS, the third book in the DEMONSOULED series, sold its 3000th copy in March. Thanks, everyone!

And in even more exciting news, SOUL OF DRAGONS, which only came out on February 2nd, passed its 1,000th copy sold in March. Specifically, as of March 31st it was at 1,150 copies sold. That’s remarkable, given that it’s only been out for two months.

So, thank you all. I am hoping to start the fifth book in the DEMONSOULED series, SOUL OF SORCERY, on June 1st, if not sooner.