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Was GHOST IN THE RING the first GHOSTS book?

A reader emailed me this week:

“Really liked Ghost in the Ring! But the backstory for Caina seemed very detailed. Are there other books in the series?”

Why yes! Yes there are!

The very first book in the Caina series is CHILD OF THE GHOSTS. It’s free on all ebook stores, and it’s also a good long read – 100,000 words or about 5000 Kindle locations. It’s a complete story on its own, not a cliffhanger, and a good introduction to Caina and the world of the Empire of Nighmar.

After that, there are many more books. A complete list of THE GHOSTS and GHOST EXILE novels are below, in the proper reading order. The short stories are included in the list, but note that those are more like “bonus adventures” – you don’t need to read them to keep up with the main plot:

Child of the Ghosts
Ghost Aria (short story)
Blade of the Ghosts
Ghost in the Flames
Ghost Dagger (novella)
Ghost Light (short story)
Ghost in the Blood
The Fall of Kyrace (short story)
Ghost in the Storm
Ghost in the Stone
Ghost in the Forge
Ghost Claws (short story)
Ghost Omens (short story)
Ghost in the Ashes
Ghost in the Mask
Ghost Thorns (novella)
Ghost Undying (short story)
Ghost in the Surge
Ghost in the Cowl
Ghost Sword (short story)
Ghost in the Maze
Ghost Price (novella)
Ghost Relics (novella)
Ghost Vessel (short story)
Ghost in the Hunt
Ghost Keeper (novella)
Ghost Nails (novella)
Blood Artists (short story)
Bound To The Eye (short story)
Ghost in the Razor
Ghost Lock (short story)
Ghost in the Inferno
Ghost Mimic (novella)
Ghost Arts (short story)
Ghost in the Seal
Ghost Vigil (short story)
Ghost in the Throne
Ghost in the Pact
Ghost in the Winds
Ghost in the Ring




I was looking over the previous GHOSTS books to help set up my outline for GHOST IN THE GLASS (coming later this year). An author’s assessment of his own work is always suspect, of course, but I think GHOST IN THE THRONE is one of my favorite of the GHOSTS series.

(SPOILERS for the book follow.)

I really liked how Caina and Cassander Nilas basically spent the book chasing each other in the dark. I also liked how Callatas’s mishandling of Cassander almost blew up (in the most literal sense) in his face, and severely hampered his efforts later on, and I liked how Cassander almost usurped control of the GHOST EXILE series to become the main villain. I liked the conversation where Claudia tells Caina to stop complaining and go be the Balarigar.

And I did like the scenes with the circus, but I admit I mostly wrote that part because it amused me. 🙂

One of my favorite quotes:

“Behold, for I am the Balarigar, and I bring justice swift and terrible!” thundered Cronmer. “No evildoer escapes my terrible sword of righteous thunder! Cassander Nilas, I have come for you!”

“I don’t actually have a sword of righteous thunder,” muttered Caina.

“Poetic license,” muttered Cronmer back.

And this:

“Also,” said Caina, “that was a really terrible slap.”

Claudia opened her eyes again. “I didn’t hit you that hard.”

“That’s what I meant,” said Caina. “It was an… incompetent slap.”


“You should have locked your wrist more, not let your hand flop about like a dead fish,” said Caina.

“Alas,” said Claudia, “I was distracted by the knowledge that I am about give birth to my first child!” She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, squeezing Caina’s hand. “If we live through this, I shall be delighted to slap you over and over again until I finally master the proper form.”

And this:

“Why would the circus master hire you?” she said with a frown.

“Because he already did once,” said Caina.

Silence answered her.

“All right,” said Morgant. “Now this I have to hear. How did you get hired as a circus performer?”


GHOST IN THE RING now available!

Available at Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon GermanyAmazon CanadaAmazon AustraliaBarnes & NobleKoboiBooksGoogle Play, and Smashwords.

Caina Amalas was once a deadly Ghost nightfighter, a spy and agent of the Emperor of Nighmar. Now she only wishes to live quietly with her husband.

But civil war grips the Empire, and Caina’s skills are needed against the cruel sorcerers of the malevolent Umbarian Order.

And Caina has a dangerous connection to the Umbarians.

For Caina’s mother had many secrets, secrets that might yet kill Caina herself…