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Reader Question Day #61 – foreign languages and The Devil’s Agent

Father Z asks, concerning my novella THE DEVIL’S AGENT:

Sadly, it’s already out of print (or whatever the term is for an ebook on Amazon!).

Actually, a while back I renamed it to THE DEVIL’S AGENT, and it’s available here:

Sorry for the confusion!

THE DEVIL’S AGENT is about a frustrated writer who, unable to get published, signs an agreement with Satan’s literary agent. However, the agent promptly rejects the frustrated writer’s manuscript as “unsuitable for the literary needs of Hell”…which causes a chain reaction of unexpected consequences.

I wrote that back in 2002 or 2003, I think. Since then, of course, ebooks and self-publishing came along, so I had to rewrite the novella to reflect that. So now it’s sort of a meta-joke on writers who think they are too good to self-publish. 🙂

Pepe asks:

Hi Jonathan, I’ve just finished the demonsouled series and I’m looking forward for the next one. I am a big fan of fantasy but it is hard to find well written and strong stories like yours. Your style is just worderful to me. Mazael my hero. I got a couple of books waiting but I will get back to you and read your other novels soon.

Have you considered to translate your series into Spanish?

Thanks for the kind words about the books! I’m glad you like them.

I definitely would like non-English translations. That said, a good translator is *expensive* – translating a novel-length work can be anywhere from $5000 to $15000, depending on the translator. So for now, a non-English translation isn’t feasible for me to do, alas.


an Italian review of THE DEVIL’S AGENT

Blogger Alex McNab Girola reviews my novella THE DEVIL’S AGENT. Via the wizardry of Google Translate:

Interesting story of medium length, self-produced by Jonathan Moeller, The Devil’s Agent is a variant nice and tasty on “sell your soul to the devil in exchange for success.”
The story mocks all those writers who scorn electronic self-publication, and who think that the only dignity resides in publishing traditional, the classic that we all know…

The Devil’s Agent is funny, well written, an urban fantasy that plays on the foibles of writers, artists and alleged hacks and their many unbearable manias. Among demons, angels, trains passing through the afterlife and Horsemen of the Apocalypse there is little to be bored. The story, while not offering a particularly original plot, manages to get an outline tasty and appealing. Recommended especially to those who think that self-publish is a “choice to losers”

I’m grateful Mr. Girola enjoyed the story, because THE DEVIL’S AGENT is a bit of a meta-joke. Let me explain.

I originally wrote THE DEVIL’S AGENT back in 2003. In its original version, the protagonist, Paul Krieger, makes a pact with the Devil to get his book into print. The Devil rejects Paul’s manuscript as unsuitable for publication, but by attempting to sign the deal, Paul creates a paradox that threatens to destroy several universes. To find out what happens after that, read the story. 🙂

Anyway, I tried unsuccessfully for a couple years to sell the novella, but I eventually gave up and forgot about it.

But 2011 rolled around, and I started doing ebooks. I remembered THE DEVIL’S AGENT, and decided to turn it into an ebook. Of course, nine years had passed, technology had changed, and the novella now had one huge plot hole – why would Paul make a deal with the Devil to publish his book when he could simply self-publish it? So I made some revisions, and turned Paul into the sort of snob who would never self-publish, who would not be satisfied until he had found a “real” publisher to publish his book.

The meta-joke is that all of my books are self-published ebooks, and I have no interest any more in finding a traditional publisher for them. So I am grateful that after almost ten years, THE DEVIL’S AGENT found a reader who enjoyed it.


$1.99 Dark Fantasy, an anthology

My anthology of short stories, “Driven and Other Stories”, is now available for $1.99. Eleven short stories, most of them urban fantasy, with a few other sorts thrown into the mix. Perfect Christmas reading for when you want to escape your relatives for a bit. 🙂

A collection of dark fantasy stories, set in both our world and others.

A FBI agent investigates a mysterious eco-friendly car, and finds that it runs on something more dangerous than gasoline.

An obsessed gamer sets out to beat a computer game, only to find something worse than the princess waiting in the final castle.

An immortal visits Chicago, on the trail of an ancient enemy.

A politician makes a dark pact, but finds the price is more than he can possibly afford.

These tales and many more await in DRIVEN AND OTHER STORIES.