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Was GHOST IN THE RING the first GHOSTS book?

A reader emailed me this week:

“Really liked Ghost in the Ring! But the backstory for Caina seemed very detailed. Are there other books in the series?”

Why yes! Yes there are!

The very first book in the Caina series is CHILD OF THE GHOSTS. It’s free on all ebook stores, and it’s also a good long read – 100,000 words or about 5000 Kindle locations. It’s a complete story on its own, not a cliffhanger, and a good introduction to Caina and the world of the Empire of Nighmar.

After that, there are many more books. A complete list of THE GHOSTS and GHOST EXILE novels are below, in the proper reading order. The short stories are included in the list, but note that those are more like “bonus adventures” – you don’t need to read them to keep up with the main plot:

Child of the Ghosts
Ghost Aria (short story)
Blade of the Ghosts
Ghost in the Flames
Ghost Dagger (novella)
Ghost Light (short story)
Ghost in the Blood
The Fall of Kyrace (short story)
Ghost in the Storm
Ghost in the Stone
Ghost in the Forge
Ghost Claws (short story)
Ghost Omens (short story)
Ghost in the Ashes
Ghost in the Mask
Ghost Thorns (novella)
Ghost Undying (short story)
Ghost in the Surge
Ghost in the Cowl
Ghost Sword (short story)
Ghost in the Maze
Ghost Price (novella)
Ghost Relics (novella)
Ghost Vessel (short story)
Ghost in the Hunt
Ghost Keeper (novella)
Ghost Nails (novella)
Blood Artists (short story)
Bound To The Eye (short story)
Ghost in the Razor
Ghost Lock (short story)
Ghost in the Inferno
Ghost Mimic (novella)
Ghost Arts (short story)
Ghost in the Seal
Ghost Vigil (short story)
Ghost in the Throne
Ghost in the Pact
Ghost in the Winds
Ghost in the Ring




I don’t usually link to reviews, but I’ll make an exception in this review of CHILD OF THE GHOSTS, because it’s always nice to find a reviewer who understands exactly what the writer was trying to do with the book.

Q: You’re a plucky fantasy heroine at an upper-class ball, working undercover for a super secret assassin society. You’re wearing a fancy dress and flirting with a brooding hunk. Then you think you see the super evil necromancer villain of the piece across the room talking to your fellow spy. Do you:

A1: Continue to giggle at the compliments of the brooding hunk while gazing into his intriguing vermilion orbs and checking out his 8-pack. Assume it’s nothing and the villain can wait for another day. Feel terribly bad later when your fellow spy’s necromantically drained body shows up.

A2: Make an excuse to the brooding hunk, duck into a corner, rip your dress to make a mask, steal a crossbow from a guard, shoot the villain in the head with a poisoned bolt from said crossbow, stab him repeatedly with your hidden daggers in various vital organs, then throw him off a balcony.

If you gave the second answer, then this book may be for you.

Caina’s answer to the question “Why Don’t You Just Shoot Him?” would be that she had shot the person in question ten minutes ago.





Let’s talk a little about the business of writing today!

BLADE OF THE GHOSTS leaves Kindle Unlimited on April 17th, and after that happens, I think I’ll add it to THE GHOSTS OMNIBUS ONE to create a new edition. Right now THE GHOSTS OMNIBUS ONE contains CHILD OF THE GHOSTS, GHOST IN THE FLAMES, and GHOST IN THE BLOOD, but the new version will add BLADE OF THE GHOSTS to that, since it fits chronologically between CHILD OF THE GHOSTS and GHOST IN THE FLAMES.

That way, I’ll be able to create a combo cover for THE GHOSTS OMNIBUS ONE containing the covers of all four books. I really like the current cover for THE GHOSTS OMNIBUS ONE, but for omnibus editions, the market really seems to favor either 3-D box set covers, or the sort of four-in-one covers I used for FROSTBORN OMNIBUS ONE and GHOST EXILE OMNIBUS ONE.

I don’t think I’ll put BLADE OF THE GHOSTS back into Kindle Unlimited in the future. It’s been an interesting experiment, and Kindle Unlimited offers some useful promotional tools, but those tools only really work if you put an entire series of novels into Kindle Unlimited, and I’m not willing to do that. Like, the FROSTBORN series is my best seller on Amazon, but it’s also my best seller on B&N, iTunes, Kobo, and every other platform, so it would be a bad idea to sacrifice the sales on those platforms for Kindle Unlimited.

(This also means that CHAMPION OF THE GHOSTS and FROSTBORN: THE KNIGHT QUESTS will be available on B&N, iTunes, Kobo, and Google Play later this year.)

Still, if I was just starting out now, I would probably put my series in Kindle Unlimited at first for greater visibility, and then expand it out to other platforms after the fourth or fifth book.

Now back to working on Chapter 22 of GHOST IN THE PACT! 🙂


the complete reading order of THE GHOSTS & GHOST EXILE

Last week’s BookBub ad brought in a lot of new readers to THE GHOSTS series, which is pretty cool. A few people have asked on the proper order for reading the GHOSTS short stories, since the novels are all number and the short stories are not.

There really isn’t a proper order for the short stories, but here is the complete chronological order of all GHOSTS short stories and novels:

Child of the Ghosts
Ghost Aria
Ghost in the Flames
Ghost Dagger
Ghost Light
Ghost in the Blood
The Fall of Kyrace
Ghost in the Storm
Ghost in the Stone
Ghost in the Forge
Ghost Claws
Ghost Omens
Ghost in the Ashes
Ghost in the Mask
Ghost Thorns
Ghost Undying
Ghost in the Surge
Ghost in the Cowl
Ghost Sword
Ghost in the Maze
Ghost Price
Ghost Relics
Ghost in the Hunt
Ghost Keeper
Ghost Nails
Blood Artists
Bound To The Eye
Ghost in the Razor



I’ve been a published writer since 2005, and one of my goals has been to get one of my books into the Top 20 of Epic Fantasy on Amazon US. In 2013 I managed to get GHOST IN THE FLAMES into the Top 100 of Epic Fantasy at #79, but that was the closest I’ve come.

Until today. Thanks to BookBub and all of you, THE GHOSTS OMNIBUS ONE at the time of this writing is #4 for Epic Fantasy on Amazon US and #17 for Amazon UK. It’s also presently the #66 book on Barnes & Noble, the #50 book on Amazon Canada, the #2 Epic Fantasy book on iTunes US, and the #1 Epic Fantasy book on Kobo.

Thanks for reading, everyone! It’s been quite the wild ride for THE GHOSTS since I started in 2007…and there’s more yet to come. 🙂


Who should play Caina Amalas?

One of the most common questions I get concerns who I think should play Caina Amalas in any (purely hypothetical, alas) movie or TV adaptation of THE GHOSTS.

My usual response to this question is “Umm…” because my knowledge of contemporary pop culture is, alas, rather lacking. I customarily say that I think Caina looks like Trinity from the first MATRIX movie, but the first MATRIX movie came out in 1999, which was probably the last time my knowledge of pop culture was anything approaching current.

So let’s open it up to nominations! Suggest who you think should play Caina in a movie or TV adaptation, and in a few days we’ll run a poll to decide the winner.



Looks like GHOST IN THE HUNT will land at about 96,000 words long, which puts it at approximately 4700 Kindle locations. That makes it the longest GHOSTS book since GHOST IN THE MASK, and the third-longest of the entire series behind CHILD OF THE GHOSTS and GHOST IN THE MASK.

If all goes well I’ll post a sample chapter next week.



So thanks to Bookbub I gave away around 14,000 copies of CHILD OF THE GHOSTS in two days. Because of that, GHOST IN THE FLAMES had a nice little boost as well, and got up to #2,500 on Amazon US. Thanks, everyone!

This is particularly satisfying because I wrote GHOST IN THE FLAMES in 2008, and I tried for years to sell it to a traditional publisher and got precisely nowhere, save for a spreadsheet of rejection notices. But as I have discovered, the last laugh is indeed the best laugh.