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As a follow-up to yesterday’s post about the cover image of FROSTBORN: THE DRAGON KNIGHT, here are answers to some questions:

-The cover was done by Clarissa Yeo of Yocla Designs. She does good work!

-If all goes well, FROSTBORN: THE DRAGON KNIGHT will come out in March. (Bear in mind that “in March” includes up to 11:59 PM on March 31st, technically.)

-In March, I will finish writing CLOAK GAMES: TOMB HOWL. That should come out in April.

-In April, I’m going to start writing the final FROSTBORN book and GHOST IN THE RING. If all goes well, the last FROSTBORN book will come out in May, and GHOST IN THE RING will come out in June/July.

That’s the plan for the next couple of months, barring weather, health, Real Life, etc.

Thanks for reading! More books soon. 🙂



I wrote 7,000 words of FROSTBORN: THE DRAGON KNIGHT today.

I feel like the scene I wrote today has a lot of emotional resolution. Like, this is the 2nd to last book in the series, so it’s time to start wrapping up some of the plot arcs that have been going on ever since Ridmark walked into Dun Licinia on the day of the omen of blue fire.

I think this scene is a good resolution to one of those plot arcs. Hopefully the readers feel the same way! 🙂



Wrote 7,000 words of FROSTBORN: THE DRAGON KNIGHT today.
I should really map a keyboard macro for the term “Dragon Knight.” 🙂
That said, I never really got into keyboard macros for writing novels. The only time I’ve ever really used keyboard macros was back when I was running various Linux servers, and would set them up so entering “1” into the terminal would bring up one log file, enter “2” would bring up another, and so forth.
It is odd for all that I’ve used Linux in Real Life and written about it for non-fiction, it has never turned up in my novels. Then again, running a Linux web server and learning the basics of HTML is an excellent education for learning how to format your own ebooks. 🙂


Now on Chapter 9 of 26 of FROSTBORN: THE DRAGON KNIGHT!

I limited all previous FROSTBORN books to 24 chapters, because one of the dangers when writing a really long epic fantasy is the temptation to meander into endless sideplots. I do think storytelling is like passing semis on the freeway – best to to it as quickly as possible without any dawdling! So keeping the books at 24 chapters helped keep the focus on the essential story and prevent digressions.

That said, I think the most important part of the story is the ending. It’s like the punchline of a joke in that it validates everything that came before, so it’s really important to get the ending right. So the last two books in the FROSTBORN series will be as long as they need to be, however long that happens to be.

I did that for the GHOST EXILE series, and it worked out pretty well. I kept the first 6 books between 22 and 24 chapters each. GHOST IN THE THRONE (#7) jumped up to 26 chapters,  GHOST IN THE PACT (#8) did 25 chapters, and the ninth and final book GHOST IN THE WINDS weighed in at 33 chapters. It was also the longest book I had written in three years, but that was okay, because it was the end of the series, and it is extremely important to get the ending right!