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“Demons: A Clash of Steel” Review

I get namechecked in a positive review of “Demons: A Clash of Steel”.

Anyway, a short list of authors I want to read more of.  This list is, for the record, open to change, mainly in the form of additions.  In no particular order:  Bruce Durham, Frederick Tor, Bill Ward, Jeff Stewart, C. L. Werner, Jonathan Moeller, and Michael Ehart.  Ehart has written two novels, one of which is available from RBE.  I plan to pick it up next year after my cash flow has recovered from the holidays.

More of my humble efforts? Why, if only I had convenient lists that could be accessed in hyperlink form!


a good review for “Demons: A Clash of Steel”

“Demons: A Clash of Steel”, which contains my short story “Box of Bones”, just got a good review from Luke Reviews. Money quote:

After having viewed a couple of Rogue Blades Entertainment’s anthologies now, and seeing what they have on the horizon, I can say without hesitation that Jason Waltz and RBE are among the most important forces working in Sword & Sorcery today, if not on top of that list. Demons continues the trend of anthologies mixing well-known names with relative newcomers, and rounding out an anthology that is nothing short of stellar. No one agrees or loves every story in an anthology, but no editor has come closer to getting me to that mark than Waltz, and if he pulled it off it wouldn’t surprise me.

And a good word for “Box of Bones”, as well:

“Box of Bones” by Jonathan Moeller: A great story of a demon hunter/ spoiled drunkard son was very well written, containing great action scenes. Moeller has created a character I think could carry a series (if he doesn’t already), and is a lot of fun to follow.

I especially liked “Moeller has created a character I think could carry a series” bit.

Because I get that a lot. Really, I do.

And sometimes the series cross-pollinate. I’m pleased to report that Lucan Maraeus, the main character of “Box of Bones”, is back as a secondary character in “Ghost Puppet”. The youngest son of Lord Corbould Maraeus has some fight in him yet, it seems.


Clash of Steel: Demons

I’m pleased to report that my story “Box of Bones” is now available in the Clash of Steel: Demons anthology from Rogue Blades Entertainment.

Considering I wrote “Demonsouled”, it only makes sense to have story in the “Demons” anthology, y’know? Nice synchronicity and all of that.

Did you want an excerpt? I thought you might:

A smile spread over her lips.  “I’ll do anything for you, my lord.  Anything at all.”

“That box, on the table by the door,” said Maraeus.  He pointed.  “Bring it to me.”

“As you wish.” She turned on one heel, dark hair swinging over the shifting contours of her white back.  Maraeus wrenched his eyes from the tantalizing sight and picked up one of the bottles on his nightstand.

“This box?” said Nika, pointing.

“Yes,” said Maraeus, “that one.  Bring it to me.”

Nika smiled, her fingers curling around the box.

The silver box.

There was a sizzling noise, wisps of black smoke rising from her hands.  Nika screamed and arched her back, shuddering.  She leapt away from the box, moving with inhuman speed, and clung to the wall like a spider…