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CLOAK GAMES: HAMMER BREAK book description

What’s CLOAK GAMES: HAMMER BREAK going to be about? Let’s have the book description!

Nadia Moran is in serious trouble.

Bad enough that Lord Morvilind is forcing her to work with the Rebels. Even worse that the murderous Rebels want her dead.

But this time, the Rebels want her to rob a bank.

Specifically, the Royal Bank itself, the best-defended building in North America.

And unless Nadia uses all her magic and all her cleverness, she’s going to take the fall for the heist of the century…



Editing CLOAK GAMES: HAMMER BREAK today. Let’s have a brief excerpt!

“Well,” said Nicholas. “They say the woman always knows.”

“She does.”

“I wonder what else she knows,” said Nicholas.

“That you don’t know? I’m going to run out of voice minutes before I can finish listing them.”


IRON IMAGE cover art

Here is the cover image for IRON IMAGE, the short story I’ll give away for free to newsletter subscribers (via Smashwords coupon code) once CLOAK GAMES: HAMMER BREAK comes out next month if all goes well.

Undoubtedly someone will point out that Nadia never dresses that way in the books. But if Nadia actually saw the cover, she wouldn’t care about that.

No, what would annoy her is that the woman on the cover is taller than she is.

And that would really annoy her. 🙂



Let’s have a short, spoiler-free snippet from CLOAK GAMES: HAMMER BREAK:

“How much experience do you have robbing banks?” he said.

“Um,” I said. “What’s the statute of limitations for bank robbery?”

He thought for a moment. “I don’t think there is one.”

“Then none. I have no experience robbing banks whatsoever.”


CLOAK GAMES progress update

Finished writing IRON IMAGE today, the short story I’ll give away for free to newsletter subscribers when CLOAK GAME: HAMMER BREAK comes out in August.

I think I will start editing CLOAK GAMES: HAMMER BREAK on Wednesday or Thursday.

Before that, though, I only have 10k to 12k words left to do on the third book of the science fiction series I’ve been writing on the side for the last year. So I think I’ll wrap that up first, which should only take two or three writing days. One more book to write after that and then I’ll release the science fiction series! (Probably in October.)

I have to admit I’ve really been wrestling with whether or not I want to use Kindle Unlimited for my science fiction series. Based on the research I’ve done, it seems that the majority of all self-published science fiction is on Kindle Unlimited.

So does that mean there is a huge sales opportunity for science fiction on the other ebook stores, or does that mean all the science fiction readers use Kindle Unlimited?

It’s kind of a chicken and the egg problem.  And there’s a long list of pros and cons, so I’ll need to give it some more thought.

First, though, I actually have to write the books! 🙂


CLOAK GAMES: HAMMER BREAK rough draft finished!

I am pleased to report that the rough draft of CLOAK GAMES: HAMMER BREAK is done at 77,000 words.

It seems like it went quick, but I was working on the book on the side while writing GHOST IN THE RING and SEVENFOLD SWORD: CHAMPION, so most of it was already done when I turned my full attention to it.

Next up is IRON IMAGE, a short story that I will give away for free to newsletter subscribers via Smashwords coupon code once CLOAK GAMES: HAMMER BREAK comes out.

IRON IMAGE will be about what Riordan was up to between the events of CLOAK GAMES: TOMB HOWL and HAMMER BREAK.



Happy Independence Day, American readers!

Now that SEVENFOLD SWORD: CHAMPION is out, it’s time to start on my next book, CLOAK GAMES: HAMMER BREAK.

Actually, I’m already 50,000 words into HAMMER BREAK, currently on Chapter 10 of 15. I think it will likely wind up around 75,000 words, which will make it the longest of the CLOAK GAMES books. If all goes well, CLOAK GAMES: HAMMER BREAK and a bonus short story will be out in August.

Here’s a short preview:

I sat and folded my arms over my chest. “Fine. So, what do you want? The deal was that I would steal three things for you, and I’ve already done one. So what’s the second thing? Hair plugs for Corbisher? A voucher for acting lessons for Vicky?”

“Something far more valuable and far more difficult to obtain,” said Nicholas. 

“And just what is that?” I said.

The sinking feeling came back. I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like what he said next. 

Nicholas smiled. “Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to rob the Royal Bank of Washington DC.” 

Silence answered his pronouncement. I guess Nicholas hadn’t mentioned his plans to the others. Hailey’s eyes had gone enormous, and Vass’s mouth had fallen open. Even Morelli looked mildly surprised. 

“Oh,” I said. 

This was bad.