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Let’s talk a little about the business of writing today!

BLADE OF THE GHOSTS leaves Kindle Unlimited on April 17th, and after that happens, I think I’ll add it to THE GHOSTS OMNIBUS ONE to create a new edition. Right now THE GHOSTS OMNIBUS ONE contains CHILD OF THE GHOSTS, GHOST IN THE FLAMES, and GHOST IN THE BLOOD, but the new version will add BLADE OF THE GHOSTS to that, since it fits chronologically between CHILD OF THE GHOSTS and GHOST IN THE FLAMES.

That way, I’ll be able to create a combo cover for THE GHOSTS OMNIBUS ONE containing the covers of all four books. I really like the current cover for THE GHOSTS OMNIBUS ONE, but for omnibus editions, the market really seems to favor either 3-D box set covers, or the sort of four-in-one covers I used for FROSTBORN OMNIBUS ONE and GHOST EXILE OMNIBUS ONE.

I don’t think I’ll put BLADE OF THE GHOSTS back into Kindle Unlimited in the future. It’s been an interesting experiment, and Kindle Unlimited offers some useful promotional tools, but those tools only really work if you put an entire series of novels into Kindle Unlimited, and I’m not willing to do that. Like, the FROSTBORN series is my best seller on Amazon, but it’s also my best seller on B&N, iTunes, Kobo, and every other platform, so it would be a bad idea to sacrifice the sales on those platforms for Kindle Unlimited.

(This also means that CHAMPION OF THE GHOSTS and FROSTBORN: THE KNIGHT QUESTS will be available on B&N, iTunes, Kobo, and Google Play later this year.)

Still, if I was just starting out now, I would probably put my series in Kindle Unlimited at first for greater visibility, and then expand it out to other platforms after the fourth or fifth book.

Now back to working on Chapter 22 of GHOST IN THE PACT! 🙂


now starting GHOST IN THE SEAL

Today I’m starting on GHOST IN THE SEAL, which is the sixth book book in the GHOST EXILE series, and the fifteenth book in THE GHOSTS overall.

Man. Fifteen books. Fifteen!

I remember when I finished GHOST IN THE BLOOD back in 2009, and after I crashed and spent the next two weeks eating unhealthy quantities of pizza and playing KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC (which I had actually bought in 2005, and only got around to playing in 2009). I figured that was it, the series was done, and it was time to move on to something else.

Now here we are, twelve books later. 🙂


the complete reading order of THE GHOSTS & GHOST EXILE

Last week’s BookBub ad brought in a lot of new readers to THE GHOSTS series, which is pretty cool. A few people have asked on the proper order for reading the GHOSTS short stories, since the novels are all number and the short stories are not.

There really isn’t a proper order for the short stories, but here is the complete chronological order of all GHOSTS short stories and novels:

Child of the Ghosts
Ghost Aria
Ghost in the Flames
Ghost Dagger
Ghost Light
Ghost in the Blood
The Fall of Kyrace
Ghost in the Storm
Ghost in the Stone
Ghost in the Forge
Ghost Claws
Ghost Omens
Ghost in the Ashes
Ghost in the Mask
Ghost Thorns
Ghost Undying
Ghost in the Surge
Ghost in the Cowl
Ghost Sword
Ghost in the Maze
Ghost Price
Ghost Relics
Ghost in the Hunt
Ghost Keeper
Ghost Nails
Blood Artists
Bound To The Eye
Ghost in the Razor



I’ve been a published writer since 2005, and one of my goals has been to get one of my books into the Top 20 of Epic Fantasy on Amazon US. In 2013 I managed to get GHOST IN THE FLAMES into the Top 100 of Epic Fantasy at #79, but that was the closest I’ve come.

Until today. Thanks to BookBub and all of you, THE GHOSTS OMNIBUS ONE at the time of this writing is #4 for Epic Fantasy on Amazon US and #17 for Amazon UK. It’s also presently the #66 book on Barnes & Noble, the #50 book on Amazon Canada, the #2 Epic Fantasy book on iTunes US, and the #1 Epic Fantasy book on Kobo.

Thanks for reading, everyone! It’s been quite the wild ride for THE GHOSTS since I started in 2007…and there’s more yet to come. 🙂



CHILD OF THE GHOSTS, the first book in THE GHOSTS series, is getting featured on BookBub today. Because of that, we’re having a limited-time sale for the weekend. Get CHILD OF THE GHOSTS for free, and get the second book, GHOST IN THE FLAMES for $0.99, and the third book, GHOST IN THE BLOOD, also for $0.99. Links below!







Today we have a special one-day sale on THE GHOSTS OMNIBUS ONE – it’s 99 cents at AmazonAmazon UKAmazon GermanyAmazon CanadaBarnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, Google Play, and Smashwords.

If you’ve been curious about THE GHOSTS series, but haven’t given it a try, this is an excellent time to do so! 🙂


BookBub Ad Results

There’s been a bit of controversy over BookBub among self-published writers this last week, so I thought I would share the results of my most recent BookBub ad. BookBub, if you are unfamiliar with it, offers a daily newsletter of books targeted by genre.  You sign up based on genre (fantasy, romance, whatever) and BookBub sends you emails with recommendations in that genre. Naturally, this presents an advertising opportunity for writers, and  BookBub charges a fee for writers based on the popularity of the genre (if the ad is accepted – BookBub reserves the right to decline the ad).

I had a BookBub ad for my free book CHILD OF THE GHOSTS (the first in a series of eight books, with the ninth coming in January 2014) on November 28th. 11/28, you might recall, was Thanksgiving Day in the United States. I was quite pleased by this, as family togetherness is a wonderful thing, but eventually people get sick of togetherness and go check their email on their phones. An additional idea came to me when I saw that fantasy writer Lindsay Buroker had a BookBub ad on her book THE EMPEROR’S EDGE earlier in November, and lowered the price of EDGE’S two immediate sequels to $0.99 for a limited time.

I thought that a good idea, so I followed suit.  I decided to call it the “Black Friday & Cyber Monday special sale”, and so from Thanksgiving to Monday, December 2nd, I lowered the price of GHOST IN THE FLAMES and GHOST IN THE BLOOD (the 2nd and 3rd books in the series) to $0.99.

Now, on to the results. Note that all these figures are for Amazon US, since I didn’t have a way to track free downloads on Barnes & Noble, and BookBub’s subscriber base seems to be mostly American.

The first day, CHILD OF THE GHOSTS was downloaded 8,372 times, GHOST IN THE FLAMES sold 47 copies, and GHOST IN THE BLOOD sold 46. This was enough to put both GHOST IN THE FLAMES and GHOST IN THE BLOOD in the top 100 books for Epic Fantasy on Amazon US, which has been a goal of mine for years.

By the end of the sale on December 2nd, CHILD OF THE GHOSTS had been downloaded 11,341 times, GHOST IN THE FLAMES had sold 134 copies, and GHOST IN THE BLOOD had sold 120. By comparison, in the entire month of October on Amazon US, CHILD OF THE GHOSTS had been downloaded 1,803 times, GHOST IN THE FLAMES had sold 118 copies, and GHOST IN THE BLOOD had sold 112.

The entirety of THE GHOSTS series has stayed higher in the sales rankings than it did in October. Netflix recently argued that binge-watching is the new normal for TV viewing, and the same rule applies to series of books. Sales for the remaining five books in THE GHOSTS series have been higher in December than they were in October and November. Additionally, I received nearly 50 additional subscribers for my new release newsletter.

To sum up, I have been entirely satisfied with BookBub, and hope to advertise with it again at some point in the future. Though given that GHOST IN THE FLAMES, a former top 100 Epic Fantasy bestseller on Amazon US, was rejected by something like 30 different agents before BookBub and the Kindle even existed, the source of my satisfaction may be apparent.



Shay asks:

I’m trying to organise my books right now and wondered if you could update us with a list of the books and short stories/novellas in chronological order again?

Sure. Here are all the series in order, with the various short stories inserted where they would be chronologically:


#1 Child of the Ghosts

Ghost Aria (Short story)

#2 Ghost in the Flames

Ghost Dagger (novella)

#3 Ghost in the Blood

#4 Ghost in the Storm

#5 Ghost in the Stone

#6 Ghost in the Forge

Ghost Claws (short story)

Ghost Omens (short story)

#7 Ghost in the Ashes

#8 Ghost in the Mask


The Wandering Knight (short story)

The Tournament Knight (short story)

The Dragon’s Shadow (novella)

#1 Demonsouled

#2 Soul of Tyrants

#3 Soul of Serpents

#4 Soul of Dragons

#5 Soul of Sorcery

#6 Soul of Skulls

#7 Soul of Swords


#1 The Testing

#2 The Assassins

#3 The Blood Shaman

#4 The High Demon

#5 The Burning Child

#6 The Outlaw Adept

#7 The Black Paladin

#8 The Tomb of Baligant

(Omnibus One has 1-5, and Omnibus Two has 6-8.)


#1 The Tower of Endless Worlds

#2 A Knight of the Sacred Blade

#3 A Wizard of the White Council

#4 The Destroyer of Worlds


The Old Demon vs. the Moroaica – who would win in a fight?

(Note that this post contains SPOILERS for the entire DEMONSOULED and THE GHOSTS series!)

You might recall that a while back I did a post on who would win in a fight, Mazael Cravenlock from DEMONSOULED or Caina Amalas from THE GHOSTS. Some recent discussion there has suggested an additional question about the villains of the respective series.

Who would win in a fight – the Old Demon from DEMONSOULED or the Moroaica from THE GHOSTS?

The Old Demon is the father of the Demonsouled, and over three thousand years old. He possesses all the powers of the Demonsouled – superior strength and speed, rapid healing, battle fury, shapechanging, and the ability to travel instantly through the shadows. Additionally, he knows more about magic than anyone else in his world, and can use his Demonsouled nature to augment his spells tremendously. However, he does have on serious weakness. Because he is fully half-demon, (the rest of the Demonsouled are some smaller fraction) he is partially bound by the laws of the spirit world, and therefore cannot harm or kill someone unless he is first attacked. He also has a love of cruelty that a clever opponent could exploit.

The Moroaica, unlike the Old Demon, is fully human. She is somewhere over two thousand years old (no one knows for sure, since she destroyed the civilization that produced her, along with most of their records), and has mastered necromancy and sorcery to a degree unmatched by anyone living in her world. Additionally, she is almost impossible to kill, since if her body is slain, her spirit can possess another one very quickly.

Both the Moroaica and the Old Demon prefer to avoid confrontation whenever possible, and usually work through emissaries, whether willing or unwitting. Any conflict between them would likely start that way, with both sending students and disciples after the other.

If it came to a direct fight, the Moroaica would likely start it. She would know that the Old Demon cannot attack her until she attacks him, so she would wait until she could strike with overwhelming advantage and kill him. The Old Demon is half-demon, but he is also half-human, which means he can be killed. Not easily, but he can be killed. Additionally, unlike the Moroaica, if he is killed he cannot claim a new body.

However, the Old Demon is completely aware of his weaknesses, and used to working around them. If he knew about the Moroaica’s plan to kill him, he would have a countermeasure prepared. And once the Moroaica attacked him, he would be free to strike back. Though he cannot permanently kill the Moroaica, he can trap her spirit within a particular body, as Ranarius tried to do in GHOST IN THE STONE, and proceed with his plans.

However, if the Moroaica was able to anticipate his countermeasures, she would find a way around them.

So I think the most likely outcome of a fight between the two would be long-term stalemate, fought through proxies and servants. But if they did come down to a direct confrontation, it would be a 50/50 chance either way.