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what book was that again?

Earlier, when I posted that I was working on FROSTBORN: THE HIGH LORDS, I meant to say I was working on FROSTBORN: THE FALSE KING.

This actually happens a lot, but I have no one but myself to blame, because I’m the man who wrote (on purpose!) books entitled GHOST IN THE STORM, GHOST IN THE STONE, GHOST IN THE SURGE, and GHOST IN THE SEAL, and I get them mixed up all the time.

Like, I’ll have a question like “what book did Caina meet Kylon and Sicarion for the first time?”, and then I’ll think that it was one of the books with an S in the title. GHOST IN THE STONE? No, that doesn’t sound quite right.

Thanks heaven File Explorer in Windows searches inside Word documents!


the complete reading order of THE GHOSTS & GHOST EXILE

Last week’s BookBub ad brought in a lot of new readers to THE GHOSTS series, which is pretty cool. A few people have asked on the proper order for reading the GHOSTS short stories, since the novels are all number and the short stories are not.

There really isn’t a proper order for the short stories, but here is the complete chronological order of all GHOSTS short stories and novels:

Child of the Ghosts
Ghost Aria
Ghost in the Flames
Ghost Dagger
Ghost Light
Ghost in the Blood
The Fall of Kyrace
Ghost in the Storm
Ghost in the Stone
Ghost in the Forge
Ghost Claws
Ghost Omens
Ghost in the Ashes
Ghost in the Mask
Ghost Thorns
Ghost Undying
Ghost in the Surge
Ghost in the Cowl
Ghost Sword
Ghost in the Maze
Ghost Price
Ghost Relics
Ghost in the Hunt
Ghost Keeper
Ghost Nails
Blood Artists
Bound To The Eye
Ghost in the Razor


Did GHOST IN THE MAZE feel short?

A few people have mentioned that GHOST IN THE MAZE felt shorter than the previous GHOSTS books.

Which is amusing, because GHOST IN THE MAZE was actually 6,000 words longer (about 400 Kindle locations or 15-20 Nook pages) than GHOST IN THE COWL. In fact GHOST IN THE MAZE was only 500 words shorter than GHOST IN THE SURGE.

I suspect the feeling of shortness comes from the fact that the last 8 of GHOST IN THE MAZE’s 22 chapters take place over approximately a four-hour period or so. Granted, it’s a very busy four hours, but it’s still only a short time. Also, in both GHOST IN THE COWL and GHOST IN THE MAZE, Caina was the only point-of-view character, and in my experience books with one POV are generally shorter than books with multiple POVs.

So I suspect GHOST IN THE HUNT will be a little longer, since it will have three POV characters – Caina, a returning POV character from two other GHOSTS books, and a new POV character.


cooking fires and editing GHOST IN THE SURGE

Now editing Chapter 11 of GHOST IN THE SURGE.

A couple years back, I was surfing the web, and found a web page detailing the dangers of grease fires upon a stove. Apparently, some people occasionally try to put out stove fires by dumping flour upon them, the way you can put out a fire with sand. Except, of course, this is a extraordinarily terrible idea, because flour is quite flammable, and if enough of it disperses into the air it can in fact explode.

I can’t imagine why that memory would pop into my head when editing GHOST IN THE SURGE. 🙂


GHOST IN THE SURGE – a new milestone

One of my writing goals for 2014 was to sell over 1,000 copies of a single book in a single month. I am pleased to report that GHOST IN THE SURGE sold 1,060 copies between January 1st and January 31st.

Thank you, everyone! Though I suppose the real test shall be how many of those 1,060 people come back for the next book in the series, GHOST IN THE COWL. 🙂


a correction

Yesterday, I accidentally said the short story GHOST SWORD will come out at the same time as GHOST IN THE SURGE. This is incorrect – it will actually come out at the same time as GHOST IN THE COWL. Sorry for the confusion!

Alas, this is my fault for choosing similar book titles – GHOST IN THE STORM (#4), GHOST IN THE STONE (#5), and GHOST IN THE SURGE (#9). And in DEMONSOULED as well – we have SOUL OF SERPENTS, SOUL OF SORCERY, and SOUL OF SKULLS. (Try saying those titles five times quickly!) Apparently, I really like my sibilants. 🙂

So for the rest of my days, I fear I shall regularly confuse my own book titles. Well, there are worse problems to have. 🙂



A few people have asked for a spoiler-discussion thread for GHOST IN THE SURGE, so I started one with this post. If you have questions or thoughts about GHOST IN THE SURGE, feel free to post them in the comments here.

Note that the comments will certainly have spoilers for GHOST IN THE SURGE and all nine GHOSTS books (and probably most of the short stories, while we’re at it), so read at your own risk!


Reader Question Day #80 – all about GHOST IN THE SURGE

Reader Question Day #80: all about GHOST IN THE SURGE

Since GHOST IN THE SURGE came out a few days ago, it is only appropriate that all the questions this week are about the book! Note that there are no spoilers in this post, though I cannot vouch for any resultant comments.

LS asks:

What happened to the ghostsilver spear from CHILD OF THE GHOSTS, and why hasn’t Caina used it again?

That spear will actually turn up again in GHOST IN THE SURGE. After CHILD OF THE GHOSTS, Halfdan took it for safekeeping. The reason he did that is because ghostsilver is incredibly rare. If it wasn’t, the Ghosts would probably start mass-producing ghostsilver-tipped crossbow bolts and keep the magi in line that way.

But the spear will be back in GHOST IN THE SURGE.

LNC asks:

Will GHOST IN THE SURGE be the last book in the series?

Well, I’ve already ordered the cover art for the next the GHOSTS book, so no. 🙂

Seriously, the next book will be called GHOST IN THE COWL, and I’m going to start writing it in February. While GHOST IN THE SURGE is not a cliffhanger by any means, it would nonetheless be a jerky place to end the series, certainly. 🙂

NM asks:

When exactly will GHOST IN THE SURGE be available for iTunes & Kobo?

Soon, I hope. Basically, to get a book into iTunes, there are these steps:

1.) Upload the book to Smashwords.

2.) Have the book approved for Smashwords’ Premium Catalog.

3.) Have the book appear in iTunes the next time Smashwords uploads the updated version of its Premium Catalog to iTunes.

So step one is done. Hopefully Steps 2 and 3 won’t take too much longer. Usually about one to two weeks.

Kobo is opening up to new books again this weekend, so if all goes well GHOST IN THE SURGE should be available there in a few days.