A Dance With Dragons…

…is out today.

Am I going to get it?

(long pause)


Despite the fact that the ever-erudite superversive is fairly accurate in his criticisms of the nihilistic worldview of Song of Ice and Fire. (WARNING: LINK CONTAINS SPOILERS!) And despite that I would be very surprised if George R.R. Martin lives long enough to finish the series. That’s not a death wish or a grudge or a flippant joke – I mean, Mr. Martin is in his sixties.

Valar morghulis, as the “Song of Ice and Fire” books themselves might say.

But I really want to see what happens next in the story.

So, off to the bookstore I go, feeling like such a chump. Charlie Brown, I feel your pain about Lucy and that football.


(And, of course, if you’re picking up “A Dance With Dragons” today, why not pick up some other works of fantasy fiction for only a little more money?)