Soul of Dragons – a preview

MAZAEL CRAVENLOCK stands victorious over all his foes, and wishes nothing more than to live quietly in peace, overseeing his lands. Yet a relic of the ancient world, a thing of black sorcery, has been unearthed, a weapon that threatens to turn the Grim Marches to a realm of corpses.

And Mazael’s sins might return to devour him…

ROMARIA GREENSHIELD has mastered herself at last, the human and Elderborn halves of her soul in harmony. Free from her past, she travels north to start a new life in the Grim Marches.

But now she faces a hunter that even she might not have the skill to overcome…

LUCAN MANDRAGON is trapped in the netherworld between life and death, imprisoned by his own folly. Haunted by visions of his mistakes, tormented by memories of his past, Lucan finds himself the prey of a spirit both mighty and corrupt.

And the price to escape might consume all he has left…

CORVAD burns with the blood and power of the Demonsouled. He will take up the sword of the Destroyer, and throw down the realms of men.

And once he claims the ancient relic for himself, all the world shall be his…

MOLLY has lost everything she holds dear, and has no reason left to live.

There is only one cure for her loss, one vengeance she can take for her pain.

The death of Mazael Cravenlock.

SOUL OF DRAGONS – coming February/March 2012.