World of THE GHOSTS – the city of Marsis

As we prepare for the release of GHOST IN THE STORM in a few weeks, I’m going to be running a series of posts about the setting of THE GHOSTS as a preview for the book. Enjoy!

There are dark things buried below Marsis.

The largest city of the western Empire, Marsis is a bustling port, its harbor filled with ships from a dozen different nations, while barges laden with goods from the interior provinces of the Empire float to the city on the River Marentine. A quarter of a million people live within the city’s walls, and rumor holds you can buy and sell anything in the city’s Great Market – silks from Anshan, horses from the Kagarish plains, fine oak from the Ulkaari forests, scrolls from Istarinmul.

And Marsis is old. Once, a school of necromancers called the Red Circle ruled from the city’s Citadel. But the stormsingers of Old Kyrace exterminated the necromancers, and the magi of the Imperial Magisterium destroyed Old Kyrace, and now the Empire rules in Marsis. The Red Circle is only a memory, long forgotten by all but historians. The citizens of Marsis go about their daily business, little dreaming of the horrors that once took place within the city.

And of the relics that lie beneath their feet, waiting for those foolish enough to claim them…