GHOST IN THE STORM, a brief excerpt

Here is a little snippet from GHOST IN THE STORM. Note that it has spoilers for CHILD OF THE GHOSTS, the first book in the series:

Nicorus titled his head to the side. “You were the one who slew Maglarion, correct? Halfdan said as much.”

“I did,” said Caina. She did not like to think of Maglarion. Of how he had corrupted her mother and killed her father. How he had almost killed over a million people to feed his own power.

Of the things he had taken from her.

She would never bear a living child because of his sorcery.

“Did you know that Maglarion learned his first necromancy from the scrolls of the Red Circle?” said Nicorus.

“I killed the man,” said Caina. “I did not write his life story.”