Sword & Sorceress 29!

I am pleased to report that my short story GODS OF THE ELDERS will appear in the SWORD & SORCERESS 29 anthology later this year!

The story is set in THE THIRD SOUL universe, and describes what happens when Sichilde, daughter of Maerwulf, joins the Conclave of Araspan as an Initiate.


2 thoughts on “Sword & Sorceress 29!

  1. Now that you’re not:

    Cross-posting to LiveJournal, I didn’t think to come looking over here till just now. Congratulations! I’ll have another story about Cluny in #29, too.


    1. Thanks! And congratulations, as well.

      My old LJ crossposter plugin died, and I haven’t found a good one to replace it yet, alas.

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