another CLOAK GAMES: TOMB HOWL excerpt

Editing CLOAK GAMES: TOMB HOWL. Let’s have another spoiler-free excerpt! In this discussion, Nadia engages in a discussion about mental health with a concerned co-worker:

I couldn’t stop myself. I did laugh that time.

“What?” she snapped, glaring at me.

“We’re all idiots, you know that?” I said.

“You’re insane,” she said.

“Well,” I said. “You’re not wrong.”

“Oh, shut up already.” 


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  1. *SPOILER* So why does Nick think he can leave Nadia at the end? Wouldn’t she be able to blow up the helicopter with a fireball? Or shoot lightning and zap everyone?


      He figured she would be busy with the undead until Vass could get the chopper out of her line of sight, and she cut down the undead faster than he
      expected. Basically, he took a calculated risk to see if he could get rid of her without doing anything (he could always claim it was a tactical withdrawal rather than an attempt to kill her), and while it didn’t work, it didn’t blow up in his face either.

  2. May be the best book yet!! Was an incredible read. Had 4 questions answered in the first 3 chapters. I am now curious to see how long it will take her to seek out another Eternity Crucible.

    1. Ha! Morvilind would not appreciate the joke. 🙂

      Morvilind would be a 50, but to be an archmage you have be over 30, and a magus qualifies at 12. Most Elves are under the 12th rank (Nadia hasn’t realized this yet).

      Or to put it in (roughly) D&D terms, Nadia went from a 4th-level wizard to a 15th level wizard. Morvilind would be a 30th level wizard, with 10 levels of archmage and 10 levels of epic levels. But the magic in CLOAK GAMES doesn’t work on D&D lines.

        1. Probably 8 or 9.

          Though I do think the Elder Scrolls system would work better for describe CLOAK GAMES magic. Like, after the Eternity Crucible, Nadia would have a 100 in illusion but only like 5 in Conjuration.

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