print books coming!

I am pleased to report that a lot more of my books will be available in print soon!

The reason: I don’t like Macs very much. 🙂

I should explain. Macs aren’t bad computers, but they cost too much for what you get. A $400 PC laptop will do everything a $1300 MacBook Pro does. To be blunt, a $400 PC laptop will be better than a $1299 entry MacBook because it will have better ports. If you need a Mac, I think most people are better getting them off refurbished from a site like or something.

Now, with all that said, I’ve been looking for a way to automate print book production. It usually takes me a long time to get a book available as paperback because I have to set it up by hand.

But for a while now, I’ve been hearing good things about a program called Vellum. Trouble was, Vellum is Mac-only, and I didn’t want to use it. But with SILENT ORDER coming out in October, that would be five books to turn into paperbacks, and I was wondering when I would find time to do that.

So I decided to give Vellum a try. I have a used 2011 MacBook Air I bought back in 2015 to help me with a project, and I installed Vellum on that. It works like a charm!

Last week, I did six print books in the time it usually takes me to do one, thanks to Vellum. Even better, I’ll be able to turn some of my older ebooks into print books. I’ve been meaning to get the first nine THE GHOSTS books and the entire DEMONSOULED series in print in time for Christmas for, like, the last three Christmases, and I’ve never gotten around to it.

Thanks to Vellum, this time I actually will have the entire THE GHOSTS and DEMONSOULED series in print in time for Christmas!