SILENT ORDER rough drafts finished!

I am pleased to report that I finished the rough draft of the fifth SILENT ORDER science fiction book, written entirely in LibreOffice running Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus.

Editing is underway, and I hope to release all five books in October.

Here’s a spoiler-free excerpt from the first book:

“Why, March,” said Bishop. “You didn’t tell me your ship’s computer had such a charming voice. No wonder you had no need to seek out female companionship.”

March would have rolled his eyes, but he wanted to keep an eye on the crowds around him. “For God’s sake, Bishop. You can’t flirt with a computer pseudointelligence.”

“I take that as a challenge.”

“That’s been the downfall of a hundred spacefaring human civilizations since the discovery of hyperspace,” said March. “Some lonely fellow programs an artificial intelligence to flirt with him, and it goes berserk and wipes out all the organic life it can find.”

“Fortunately, I am a restaurant owner, not a software developer,” said Bishop.

“Well, thank God for that.”