Dr. Jerry Pournelle and There Will Be War

It was sad to see that Jerry Pournelle died this weekend. Wikipedia has a good summary of his many accomplishments. I read his website on a regular basis for years, and he was a great mind and a great writer. (I especially enjoyed reading about his battles with the Microsoft Surface computer.) If I live to my 80s, may my mind be half as clear as his!

(In fact, he was the first writer to ever use a word processor to publish a novel.)

One of his accomplishments was THERE WILL BE WAR, an anthology of military science fiction stories that went for nine volumes in the 1980s, and was revived for a tenth volume in 2015 thanks to electronic publishing. In honor of Dr. Pournelle, the publisher of the series is making THERE WILL BE WAR VOLUME I free on Kindle for the next three days.

I definitely, definitely recommend it. It’s a classic with a lot of good stories and interesting essays – the first version of ENDER’S WAR is in this volume.