Interesting Links #6: Change!

I’ve been self-publishing for six and a half years now, and the one constant is change. Like, when I started in 2011, there was no Kindle Unlimited, no Kindle Fire tablet, the Sony ebook store was still a big deal, there was no Kobo Writing Life, and nobody had ever heard of Siri or Alexa.

-Unlike Smashwords or Draft2Digital, I always wondered if Pronoun had a good business plan or not: On November 6, Macmillan Publishers announced that Pronoun is shutting down.

-I like Draft2Digital quite a lot, but I still think a writer would be better served to upload books directly through Kindle Direct Publishing rather than using an aggregator: Draft2Digital Now Distributes To Amazon.

-Tolino is starting an ebook subscription service: Tolino Launches a Very Limited eBook Subscription Service.

-This is a good little capsule of advice for indie writers: Be A Smart Indie.

-Speaking of more good advice, this article from Kristine Kathryn Rusch demonstrates three important points – 1.) Never ever talk to reporters ever, 2.) Never ever show contempt for your constituents ever, and 3.) An important part of coming to maturity as a writer involves politely ignoring all opinions of your work except for your own: The People In Your Office.

-Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency are all complicated topics, but this is a good summary of them (and seasoned with, in my opinion, a healthy dose of caution): What Is Bitcoin, And How Does It Work?

-Twitter now has the capability to be twice as annoying: Twitter Officially Expands Its Character Count To 280 Starting Today.