#3 Ghost in the Blood

Cover design by Clarissa Yeo

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Caina is a Ghost nightfighter, one of the Emperor’s elite spies and assassins, and few enemies of the Empire ever escape her cunning.

Yet all Caina’s wit and skill might not be enough to save her from a terrible fate.

Sent to hunt down a cruel slave trader, Caina encounters something far darker. An ancient evil, a thing of legend and terror.

A creature that wants to corrupt her, heart and soul…

11 thoughts on “#3 Ghost in the Blood

  1. Michael Wexler

    I have really enjoyed the first two Ghost books! A quite unexpected pleasure! I found your writing quite intelligent, the story lines intriguing, the characters well fleshed out, believable and interesting. I have read hundreds of authors and thousands of books in my lifetime thus far, and can honestly say this series has fast become one of my favorites! Keep up the excellent work!

    1. jmoellerwriter Post author

      Thanks for the kind words about the books! I glad you like them, and I’m hoping to start writing a new GHOSTS book before the end of the month.


  2. Jane Shawley

    I absolutely love your books. I have read the first 2 books in The Ghost series and I’m about to start the third. Keep them coming I love all of your work this far..

    1. jmoellerwriter Post author

      Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you liked them.

      Right now there are eight THE GHOSTS books, with a few short stories and novellas on the side. If all goes well, I’m hoping to start book #9 in December.

  3. kacie

    I am so in love with these characters! Just finished book #2 and im getting the third right after this review.. i am determined to explore every world you have created in your other series as well.. your brain and creativity are sexy to me..

  4. Andrew Sheppard

    I have really enjoyed your Fostborn & Demon soluled series books l love stepping off this world to yours. So what books of yours shall I read now?


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