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  1. Dave

    I find it easy to connect with your teaching and writing style. I’ve read most of your fiction and found your computer teaching series to be a pleasant surprise. After all, a writer of fantasy can’t actually know anything useful, right? Yeah, right. Do you have any plans to write anything about networking? I know it’s a huge field, but I’d happily pay for a JM on the subject.

    1. jmoellerwriter Post author

      Thanks! I’m glad you’ve found the tech books helpful and the fantasy books enjoyable. Lately I’ve been doing more fantasy books because they generally sell better, but I really do want to get a book on Windows 10 out before too long.

  2. Cary Cornell

    I am learning lots of good stuff reading your book on the Windows Command Line beginners guide.. I also read a lot of stuff that is Sci-Fi and was very pleasantly surprised to see all of your books. Who woulda thought?
    So in regards to your tech book, I am reading it but it does not cover windows 10. I am trying to learn all the computer stuff I possibly can. Are there any possibilities of you taking some time out to add in the command line features that are in windows 10?
    I would grab whatever books you may write on windows 10 as well.

    In the meantime is it possible to take a computer with windows 10 and somehow install 8.1 instead, since you do cover 8.1. In command line features in windows 8.1.

    1. Jonathan Moeller Post author

      Thanks! I’m glad you found the books useful.

      Most of the command line stuff from 8.1 should still work in 10.


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