#5 Soul of Sorcery

Cover design by Clarissa Yeo.

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For fans of David Gemmell, Robert E. Howard, Robert Jordan, and Raymond E. Feist, the DEMONSOULED saga continues in a new volume.

MAZAEL CRAVENLOCK has defeated the Malrags, and returned to the Grim Marches in triumph. Yet with no new enemies to conquer, his Demonsouled blood threatens to blaze out of control. When a deadly new foe attacks, will Mazael rally the Grim Marches to victory?

Or will he listen to the whispers in his blood and kill everyone who stands in his way?

RIOTHAMUS is the apprentice of the Guardian, the arcane defender of the barbarian Tervingi nation. Driven from their homes by the Malrag hordes, the Tervingi must find a new homeland. Will Riothamus help lead the Tervingi to safety?

Or will the Tervingi nation be destroyed to the last man, woman, and child?

LUCAN MANDRAGON has returned from the spirit world, his magic and his will stronger than ever. His purpose is now clear, and a great mission lies before him, a quest to rid the world of a terrible evil.

The utter destruction of the Demonsouled.


12 thoughts on “#5 Soul of Sorcery

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  2. conklin

    A fifth book in this series would be welcome, but I have a small peice of advice. I have read hundreds upon hundreds of books, and have never read a book, or a series of books, with more grammer mistakes. Most books will have one or two,your books had thirty or forty. It actually went from humorous to offensive. keep writing,fire the proofreader, jus sayin.

    1. Dakota

      Dood really, hes an amazing writer and for a book thats thousands of words 30 to 40 or even 200 words spelled wrong isnt bad if people didnt mind it they wouldnt readit i for one dont care cuz i can tell what its supposed to be and dont complain about it just read it or dont, but dont complain to him he also gets these books done in a fast time that i and many of his followers love so getover it p.s. jm keep up the fantastic work and try and get this one done fast 😛 i cant wait to read it the dayit comes out ill have it finished

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  5. Brian Rimol

    I am only 20% percent through Soul of Sorcery, but I have to say it is my favorite book in the series so far. I love the introduction of the Tervingi, you are doing a tremdous job in your world-building. I am also happy with your development of Molly, Romaria, Toraine, and Lucan. They are great compliment characters to Mazael. A lot of times authors let their main characters dominate the story while their side characters remain stagnate, or unimportant. You do a great job weaving them into your world. I am new to the sereies and haven’t been able to put any of these books down, can’t wait until I finish.

    I just have one request, in your next book or on your website can you post a map of this realm. And if you are willing to do that; drawings of towns or keeps where there will be a big battle fought. Brandon Sanderson does this and it’s very helpful.

    Thank you for a wonderful works,


    1. jmoellerwriter Post author

      Thanks for the kind words about SOUL OF SORCERY!

      As for the multiple side characters, I find it’s actually simpler to write a book with multiple point-of-view characters. Otherwise one character has to carry the load, which can be tricky.

      I might do a map at some point, maybe after the series is finished. I used to draw maps fairly frequently, but stopped because it felt like boxing myself in. Like, if I had drawn a map, I never would have been able to add the Tervingi, since they wouldn’t have been on the original map.

      1. Brian

        Thank you for the clarification that is a really good reason for not adding maps. Finished the book, absolutely loved it. Can’t wait for the next one.

        1. jmoellerwriter Post author

          Glad you liked the book! If all goes well, I hope to start SOUL OF SKULLS in late November or early December.

          Before that, I’ll put out THE DRAGON’S SHADOW, a short prequel novella with Lucan Mandragon as the main character.


  6. Soignet

    I have to agree with Conklin, the grammar mistakes came entirely too often. Dakota, just as Conklin says, the books are still enjoyable and I am gladly moving on to each new book, but I have to wonder…is this mistakes of the writer/editors, or is just mistakes of whoever transposed these books into digital format? I still like the stories, but excessive mistakes are still a little bothersome. Even so, I like the author and the stories and cannot wait to keep reading.

    1. Steve Austin

      I was given a kindle white a couple of years ago and read a lot of bookswith it. Just recently I have noticed a lot of grammar mistakes no matter who the author is. It’s not just Jonathan Moellers bookss


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