#5 The Burning Child

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Rachaelis Morulan has defeated the wrath of a blood shaman and escaped the insidious lures of a high demon. At last she is ready to leave corrupt Araspan and start a new life.

But the followers of the vanquished blood shaman have different plans.

When a horde of bestial demons rampages through Araspan, Rachaelis and the other Adepts prepare to fight.

And to defeat the demons, she must make a choice that will risk everything…

8 thoughts on “#5 The Burning Child

  1. Neil Barker

    I love your books and want to say that I’ve been reading as much as I can, but I’ve been having some trouble I hope you can help me with. I can’t find either ‘The Burning Child’ or “Ghost in Blood’ available on Kobo so I’m unable to go any futher in either of those series which is really disappointing. Do you know why this is and can you help me please as I really want to carry on reading?
    Thanks, Neil.

  2. Neil Barker

    Hi, Thanks for replying, but when I click on the links they both say that the books are currently unavailable.


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