The Linux Mint Beginner’s Guide

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The Linux Mint Beginner’s Guide will show you how to get the most out of Linux Mint, from using the Cinnamon desktop environment to advanced command-line tasks. In the Guide, you will learn how to:

-Install Linux Mint.

-Use the desktop environment.

-Manage files and folders.

-Manage users, groups, and file permissions.

-Install software on a Linux Mint system, both from the command line and the GUI.

-Configure network settings.

-Use the vi editor to edit system configuration files.

-Install and configure a Samba server for file sharing.

-Install SSH for remote system control using public key/private key encryption.

-Install a LAMP server.

-Install web applications like WordPress.

-Configure an FTP server.

-Manage ebooks.

-Convert digital media.

-And many other topics.


10 thoughts on “The Linux Mint Beginner’s Guide

  1. Dave

    I see this is a Kindle book on I don’t have a Kindle, so was wondering if it is available as pdf or e-book, and the price. Thanks for your time.

    Oh, I assume this is Mint 16 and covers Cinnamon – correct?


      1. Dave

        Thanks Jonathan,

        Any plans to update the text to cover 16 or (soon) 17 LTS? I’m still using Ubuntu 10.04 (and r e a l l y like it), but it is dated, and I don’t care for Unity. Have tried Mint and it seems nice. Because I’m a little busy now, I may wait until 17 is out, which is just a few months away.


          1. Dave


            Thanks again. One final question. I’m guessing you do self publishing and was wondering what tools you use? The reason I ask is that I need to do a family recipe book, and need to pick some tools for layout. I use LibreOffice, but find Writer difficult for long documents because there is no split screen (lets me see/edit two parts of a document at the same time – like most programming editors do). I have tried Scribus as well.


          2. jmoellerwriter Post author

            I do rough drafts in either Word 365 or LibreOffice, depending on which computer I’m using. (I tend to do fiction in Word and nonfiction in LibreOffice, mostly because my nonfiction is primarily about Linux.) I do all the editing in Word since I like the Track Changes feature in Word better than the Track Changes feature in LibreOffice, though I haven’t tried it in the new version yet.

            Once the book is finished, I use a free program called Sigil to turn it into an EPUB. Sigil has a bit of a learning curve, but it lets you see the underlying HTML of an EPUB, which is often extremely useful. I then use another free program called Calibre to convert the EPUB to a MOBI file, which Amazon uses for its ebook formats. (It’s possible to natively edit MOBI files, but it’s easier to make an EPUB and then convert it.)

            Finally, I use GIMP to create my covers, or hire them out from someone since I have no aesthetic sense.

            I know a lot of writers swear by Scrivener – it has a 30 day free trial so you might give that a try.


  2. Roger Wehage

    Jonathan, I purchased The Linux Mint Beginner’s Guide a couple hours ago on Unfortunately the book is defective and won’t display chapter four. I don’t see any way on that website to fix the problem or to download another version that works correctly. Can you suggest what I need to do to fix this problem? Thank you.

    1. jmoellerwriter Post author

      I sent an updated version to your email address. Let me know it it works. Sorry for the inconvenience!


  3. Andon

    Hello Jonathan. Great work! I just bought that book and had a look. It is very profound and still easy to understand. I downloaded an .epub copy because I use NOOK. Everything is great but I have a problem with the second chapter – the Linux Mint desktop. Maybe my NOOK just doesn’t cope with the pictures, I don’t know but in that chapter it stays on p. 15 and all illustrations become overlapped. The first page of the chapter is OK, on the next one (also 15) I can see the picture under the text and so on. All pictures overlapped. This issue continues to page 26 (it jumps from 15 to 26) and everything is fine to the end of the book. No problems with the other pictures (mostly screenshots of some code). Could you help somehow?
    Thanks a lot for the wonderful book!
    BR and greetings from Bulgaria


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