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  1. Yes! Now that is what I’m talking about! That is a sweet cover Jon. Looks like something that would be sold in a bookstore!
    I see someone designed this for you, have you finally started hiring a cover artist?
    The cover artist really did a good job!

    P.S. Looks like it will be an EPIC series Jon! πŸ˜€

    1. “I see someone designed this for you, have you finally started hiring a cover artist?”

      Yes. And there will be more news on that front shortly. πŸ™‚

  2. Mr. Moeller all I can say is well done and I cant wait, looking foward to more awesome adventures sir, keep up the awesome work !!!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you liked the books.

      GHOST IN THE ASHES should come out next month, and I’ll start writing FROSTBORN soon after that.

          1. what will be the name of the firstborn book that you were to publish in June or July? I have been looking on Amazon Kindle books, and don’t see it.

  3. Had to take a moment to say how much I have enjoyed the demonsouled series. It is sad to see the story come to an end, however a worthy end it was. It was a page turner from first to last. I love your storytelling style and will go back to the ghosts novels while I anxiously await Frostborns release. You keep writing I’ll keep reading.
    Devoted fan. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for the kind words about DEMONSOULED! I’m glad you liked it – while I was sad the end had come, I wanted to stop while people still said “I’m sad the story is over” and not “he should have stopped five books ago.” πŸ™‚

      If all goes well, the next GHOSTS should come out the week after July 4th, and then I’ll start writing the first FROSTBORN soon after that.

  4. i have to know is this new book series going to be a choose your own adventure becuase i love your writteing but i have never much cared for choose your own adventure. becuase i just find that the rpg format dose not work in writeing, videogames yes, books no.

    1. Don’t worry, the new series will be all novels.

      I might run another Choose Your Own Adventure on this blog if time allows, but the FROSTBORN series itself will be all novels.

  5. Hi. I wrote to you when “Ghost in the Ashes” first came out. I am still waiting for Barnes & Noble to add it to their Nook Shop. I have even had B&N employees call the company. I was hoping that maybe they would respond to you, as the author. It is easier for readers to download your book from the Nook Shop. In addition, Nook Readers get suggestions for other books to buy based on previous purchases. Since this book is not on Nook Shop, it doesn’t appear in my list and is probably not suggested to other readers. I know B&N has it on their main site, and I have never had this problem before now. Is there anything you could do?

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Sorry to hear about the trouble. I checked on a Nook HD, and it is indeed not showing up on the Nook Shop app, along with a few other of my recent books. So I will see what I can do about it – I fear the Nook Press support staff are not famed for their responsiveness. In the meantime, if you’re comfortable ordering through a web browser, the book is here:

      Thanks again for letting me know about this, and sorry again for the trouble.


    2. Oddly, it appears to show up on the Nook Shop within the Android app, just not on actual Nook devices.


  6. Here’s a tip in case folks didn’t know, if you can’t find a book in the Nook HD shop app, you can always browse the web and order the book you want online at the website. I have done this a few times when I couldn’t find the book I wanted in the Nook Shop. Unfortunately, you can’t browse the web on the 1st gen Nook or the Simple Nook.

  7. Hey found the first demonsouled book about a month ago maybe less. So I bought it. Read it in a single night. Bought the next one. Now I have read every last one and Grey Knight.

    Demon souled series was great. Grey Knight was also so another awesome series. Your a great writer. Rarely have I seen a person write about ancient or medieval warfare very well. Usually its described as they were knights they had swords and bla bla bla. No real idea behind the tactics and needs to use them. OR more importantly the men.

    Over all a thoughly enjoyable read and it has placed you up among the masters in my opinion of fantasy….Oh and considering I have probably read well over a thousand books of Scifi, Fantasy, and fiction not counting all the others thats not hot air and fluff.

    Keep it bp

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you liked the books.

      I have an incomplete background in medieval history – I did a couple of semesters of a master’s degree in medieval history before I realized there was no money in it and went to work in IT instead. So I often mine history for story ideas. SOUL OF SORCERY was inspired by the Gothic War of the 370s AD, and FROSTBORN was partly inspired by what would happen if a bunch of sixth-century Romano-British were dropped into a magical world and what would happen to their society over a thousand years.

      It’s all the fun of writing a historical novel without the work of research. πŸ™‚

  8. hi in what order do you read the frostborn series as i cannot work out where in the series “the first quest” fit in. the first three are numbered but not “the first quest”

    1. Hi Steve,

      THE FIRST QUEST is actually a prequel – it isn’t necessary to read it, but I do think it enhances enjoyment of the later books.


  9. Speaking of the order of the books, I actually read “the grey knight” then “the eight-fold knife”and finally “then first quest”. though the first quest is stand alone novel in the series i think it makes the story richer if read last than first. I think through reading the story and always wondering what happened to make him how he is today it was better to find out later the events that transpired on the first quest. But you could read it first and it not completely ruin the story.

  10. LOVING THE SERIES! although I am getting slightly concerned that I am coming to the end of master thief! Are you planning more releases in this series soon?

    Many thanks,

    1. Thanks for the kind words about the books! I’m glad you liked them.

      The next book will be FROSTBORN: THE IRON TOWER, and I just finished writing the outline. I’ll start work on the book in the next few days, and I’m hoping to have it out in the second half of July or the first half of August.

  11. The Demonsouled series… I’ve read a lot of books, moeller. Been a fan of many stories, big and bold, small and simple. Everyone Inspirational. . . . . but this series… Has gripped me like none other. I loved it more than I have ever loved any other story. Absolutely beautiful work! The story of Mazael Cravenlock will remain immortalized with my very own soul.

    I have one request: I want to see an artistic representation of the three crossed swords banner of the cravenlock household, one day. Do that, and I my life will be complete.

    1. Thanks for the kind words about the books! I’m glad you liked them.

      The Cravenlock banner is a good idea, if I can find an artist who can pull it off.

  12. Loved the Demonsouled series, probably some of the best heroic fantasy writing I’ve found since David Gemmell, going for the Frostborn now – hope they are as good!!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you liked the DEMONSOULED series, and I hope FROSTBORN is to your liking as well.

  13. Very nice set of books, I’ve been reading Ridmark’s adventures every minute I can get these days πŸ™‚
    Currently discovering the Master Thief, I hope they’ll be many more books to be read about this fellowship (can you reassure me about that?)!

    Thank you for the fun, Master Writer πŸ˜€

    1. Thanks for the kind words about the books! I’m glad you liked them.

      There will be a grand total of 15 Frostborn books, and roughly the same number of short stories.

  14. 15! Great! Just finished Master Thief, I am going to read The Iron Tower then wait for th rest … How soon will there be others?
    Keep up with the good work, I may try your others stories while waiting for Ridmark !!

    1. The next FROSTBORN book will be FROSTBORN: THE GORGON SPIRIT, and I will probably start writing that in January or February.

  15. Thank you so much for writing these books, i am very impressed at how you manage to capture a reader, I read the first chapter before buying the first frostborn book, and crossed my fingers that the rest of the book would be just as expertly written and i must say, i wasn’t disapointed, bravo sir! once i finish the frostborn series i will defenately look up your other work. (Though i wish you had written a book about the battles with mhalek and the first fight at dun lucinia, but i’m only at the iron tower so maybe theres a reason for that, but it would be a great read though, i’m sure) Thanks for a great read ! I am Γ¦ooking forward to seing more of your work!

    1. Thanks for the kind words about the books! I’m glad you liked them.

      I don’t think I’ll do a flashback to Mhalek/Dun Licinia…but Ridmark and company will return to Dun Licinia someday. πŸ™‚

  16. Am enjoying the Frostborn series. Great design of characters from the ground up as well as how they evolve. And the fight/battles seens are done nicely. Was wondering when book 8 may come out? Thank you for a great story line, and look forward to seeing how it plays out.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you like the FROSTBORN books.

      #8 is in final edits right now, and if all goes well, it should be out in the first two weeks of June.


  17. I just finished reading The IronTower and bought The Gorgon Spirit. I see from above that you said there will be 15 total. That makes me super happy because I am hooked on this series! I wish all of them were done and out already but I know writing takes time. Keep up the good work and can’t wait for the next book to be released since I’m fairly certain I will go through the last couple of books in about a week and a half. Lol!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you liked the books. Right now I’m working on #9, which should be out in September if all goes well.

  18. Love the Frostborn series, am just starting the demonsouled series. I would like to mention that, not only with your books, but in fantasy novels in general, the editing is not very good of late. A lot of missed words, wrong words and spelling is atrocious. It must be a sign of the times. Having said that, I do look forward to more of your books.

  19. I purchased the frostborn omnibus on February 23rd and have loved every minute of this series. Just finished the high lords book and keen for more! Love your work and will have to check out your other series now. Keep up the awesome work my good sir!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you liked the book, and I’ll be starting THE FALSE KING this summer if all goes well.

  20. Dear Mr. Moeller for the time being i am going through the Frostborn series with great pleasure, would like to know if book 1 is the final or if the story continiuse.

    Best regards and thank for for the good reading


    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you liked the books.

      Right now there are ten Frostborn books, and there will be a total of fifteen. I should finish the series in late 2017 if all goes well.

  21. I just read all nine of the Frostborn books in less than two weeks. I can’t wait to read what happen next. Just about to start the Ghost Exile series, but I really just want to know more about Ridmark and Calliande. I eagerly anticipate book 10.

  22. Just finished book 10 and loved it. Now if only I had a time machine so I could jump ahead to 2018 and read the other 5 books hehe.

    I have to commend you on the length of the battle scenes. Just long enough to get a feel for the battle but not page after page after page of fighting which can become very boring.

    Now I think I will take a look at the demonsouled series.

  23. Yet again excellent work sir, book 10 was brilliant and I am again eager for the next instalment ! Thank you

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you liked THE HIGH LORDS, and if all goes well I should be able to start on THE FALSE KING in late April or early May.

      1. have you thought about doing a prequel series for frost born. I would love to read about the humans first wars with the orcs and other creatures. maybe you could make iot into two trilogies the first about the conquest of orcs and driving out the dark elves and the e other about the war with the spider things and manetaurs. oh and mayubve another one about the first war with the frostborn

        1. I have actually thought about that – the FROSTBORN world is big enough and detailed enough to support a prequel series. I probably wouldn’t do anything with it until the main series is done, though.

  24. I am somewhat confused. I downloaded the ‘Frostborn Omnibus One’ series. This included:
    The Grey Night
    The Eightfold Knife
    The undying Wizard
    The First Quest

    I am almost finished with it. I am trying to find out in what order the Frostborn Series goes from there. I am really digging this series, and I would like to read them in the order they were written. Can you help?


    1. No problem! The complete order:


      I also have a master list that includes the short stories here:

  25. I just finished the last one in this series. I like the story but you should seriously consider hiring an editor. There were so many mistakes it really slowed up the readying of it. Now, I just made a mistake but only one similar to thousands in your books: real words but not correct within the context of the sentence.

    In addition to those type mistakes, there were numerous sentence fragments and a great deal of unnecessary repetition. It made reading them a hard slog for a great story.

    I’m hesitant to engage any other series due to this, preferring something that doesn’t make me work so hard to enjoy it.

      1. Read all the series and now impatiently waiting for The False King to come out! I too had issues with the typos but got past it all since the series was so great. I enjoyed reading the Demonsould series and jumped into the Frostborn series with joy. If you are in need of an editor I can do it for free πŸ™‚

  26. Hi,
    I love the stories , but the fight scenes are getting repetitive and a bit predictable. How many temples is Ridmark going to crush with his staff? How many back of knees will he hit?
    Maybe a bit of variety would help?

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m going to start writing it in about two weeks, so if all goes well, it should be available this summer.

  27. Dang I have to wait for this summer for the next book to come out…. I don’t know if I can wait that long lol. Good series, and awaiting with money in hand for the next book. It seems to me that this series can have quite a few more books in it, can you tell us if we can expect a few more books or if it is all coming to an end?

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you liked the books.

      FROSTBORN will be a grand total of 15 books, and I’m going to start #11 next week. I think I will get to the last book in late 2017.

      1. I cannot wait for the release of The False King. Looking forward to it and the remaining 4 more books. I am starving for the rest of the story.

  28. I’ve just finished FROSTBORN: The High Lords. I started this series mid April and I’ve loved every minute of it! I’ve recommended it to all my friends who into this kind of book as well! I can’t wait for the 11th book!
    I love what you done with Mara and the Anathgrimm, the scope and vision you have in these books is tremendous!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you liked the FROSTBORN books.

      The idea I had was that I wanted a book series like a really good RPG campaign – it starts out with a couple of characters investigating local concerns, and by the end they’re deciding the fate of kingdoms and empires.

      I’m now on chapter 13 of 24 of THE FALSE KING, so hopefully that should be out this summer.

      1. It really shows that that is what you are aiming for. The characters are all developing nicely and even get weapon upgrades from time to time. I hope you’re enjoying writing the books as much as I am reading them.

  29. this has been a fantastic series to date and I am definitely looking forward to the final 5 books as they become available. One criticism I do have though is from when Calliande and company were in Khald Avaldar to retrieve the Keeper’s staff. An excellent battle was fought and obviously won, but I was astonished that right outside the vault was a lair of Basilisks that had hidden the key to the vault. Yet a huge battle took place, walls and ceiling were brought down, and yet not another word of the basilisks. did they simply sleep through this? I would find that hard to believe as they were supposedly aroused by dark magic and there was plenty of that being used during the battle. An oversight perhaps?

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you liked the books.

      Concerning the basilisks in Khald Azalar, they were a good distance (several miles) from the Vault and the entrance to Dragonfall. If they heard the battle from that distance, their instinct would have been to flee, not to head towards the battle, since cave-ins in the Deeps are a dangerous hazard.

  30. Frostborn was an awesome series until you took my Lord’s name in vain in Dark Warden. I will not be reading any more of your books.

    1. Lol I understand that your belief hinders you from seeing the truth behind someone using the lords name in vain. As we are only human our thoughts and words at time gets away from us, Im sure as there is a creator in existence you yourself have taken the lords name in vain, (Even if no one was around to hear it).

  31. Just finished the book #10. Great series. I am looking forward to book #11. Two quick questions though- where is Ardryhthain? Is he still stuck in between worlds? Tymadain is dead. Shouldn’t he have returned by now? You should consider bringing him back before the last battle; no need doing the cliched story line of him arriving at the last minute to a victorious battle. Secondly, how come Ridmark was able to kill Tymadain with a soul blade and no one has been able to kill the weaver with a soul blade? Gavin and Arandar stabbed him and he only unravelled into another shape. Is he stronger and more powerful than shadowbearer?

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you liked the books.

      For Ardrhythain, he’s been busy. #11 will offer some clues as to what he’s been doing since he left Urd Morlemoch.

      For the Weaver, he’s not more powerful than Shadowbearer, but he does have an ability Shadowbearer did not. When he changes form, he instantly heals any physical damage he has taken. He has a limit to how many times he can do that before needing to rest (and healing damage from a soulblade takes up more of his reserves), but it makes him very dangerous, and he’s perfectly willing to abandon a fight to try again later if he thinks the odds are not in his favor.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you liked the books. We should have THE DWARVEN PRINCE out before the end of 2016, probably around November.

  32. I am in love Frostborn , I just tart reading this on Friday and im on book 4.
    Please Please allow me the honor of turning this saga in the most epically memorable video game ever, let me Know

    Rex Morgan

  33. I have for the most part enjoyed the Frostborn series, though a good editing for simple grammar and missing word mistakes would help. But when you decided to kill off the single most interesting character in the entire series, after the incredible improbability of all of the companions surviving encounter after encounter with hugely powerful foes, I lost all respect for your understanding of why we would read this type of fiction. Imaria and the Weaver attacked using their threshhold teleportation capability, and were repelled. Then they escape before the world gate opening is thwarted, as does the huge shadow that is Incariel, and you expect us to believe that the good guys would not be on guard for another similar attack by Imaria and the Weaver? No wards, no guards? That is unrealistic in a way that is different from the in-genre unrealism of the rest of the series. And Morigna had more potential for interesting development than all the other characters combined. Killing her off was unconscionable. I applaud the fact that you have created a character I care about, but to ignore the rich potential of the conflicts inside her (and those caused by the lack of acceptance of her kind of magic in Andomhaim) and just kill her off, while keeping around all of the simple, one-dimensional characters in the group, is bewildering and insulting. And if you somehow bring her back, that would be opening up the series to a ridiculous amount of uncertainty and inconsistency. She absolutely should not have been killed.

    1. Sorry I disagree. I was beginning to find her boring and one dimensional – not the other way round. Just about to start the next book – read all 10 in a row!! Great series.

      1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the books.

        As you might guess, the endings to THE IRON TOWER and The WORLD GATE are the most controversial parts of the series. πŸ™‚

  34. Hi JM,
    Amazing series. I started reading the quartet for frostborn series, and since then I have read all the books. I have not been able to put them down. I was wondering when the next book of the series will be out?
    Also had a question about ridmark and the dragon blade – since ridmark can’t bond with a soul blade, how will he able able to bond with the dragon blade? Are the elvish soul blades based on the dragon blade made by the dragons(since the elves learnt their magic and craft from the dragons)? Also assuming the soul blades are based on the dragon blade (since elvish souls are in the soulblades) then shouldn’t the sword bearers be able to communicate with the elvish soul within the blade?

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the books! For your questions, I will answer in three parts:

      1.) The next FROSTBORN book should come out before the end of 2016. Probably November as things stand now.

      2.) Most of the humans of Andomhaim don’t know how the soulblades work, but the soulstones embedded in the blade contain the power released (at the moment of death) of a high elven bladewaver, a warrior/wizard similar to Rhyannis from FROSTBORN: THE FIRST QUEST and FROSTBORN: THE DARK WARDEN. Strictly speaking, a soulblade doesn’t hold a soul, but the magical power of a high elven bladeweaver, which manifests in a human bearer as the ability to wound creatures of dark magic and enhanced speed and strength and protection. Ardrhythain and the other high elven archmages created the soulblades during the war against first the dark elves and then the urdmordar as a way of preserving the skill of the bladeweavers when they were slain in battle, and Ardrhythain later decided to give the soulblades to the humans to allow them to fight against the urdmordar.

      3.) The sword of the Dragon Knight isn’t a soulblade.

  35. JM, you’re killing me! I started the series about a month ago and have devoured it. I counted myself lucky when I saw the release of book 11 but you left me hanging. I was counting on a book 12 intro, now I’ll be in suspense for months.

    I love the series. I enjoy the story and the episodic pacing. I like the characters and seeing the story unfold from varying perspectives. The repetition others have mentioned I actually quite like, it lends a comforting cadence to the changing rhythms of the story.

    The typos are painful. Any plans for release of edited versions? I have everything on kindle so far but I’d love to have them all in print if they were cleaned up. Any interest in volunteer editors?

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you liked the FROSTBORN books.

      If you find any typos, go ahead and send them to me at jmcontact @

      I do have volunteer proofreaders from time to time, but they usually burn out pretty quickly. πŸ™‚

  36. Jonathan, your last book was great. Really looking forward to reading about the kingdom of the dwarves. I’ve followed the series since the release of the Gray Knight. It’s been a lot of fun. I enjoy looking forward to a new book every few months. I hold the Frostborn series as my favorite and have read almost every book you have written. But I have found myself running out of books to read in between the Frostborn books. I usually fall back on the classics like Ivanhoe and the White Company. And I have reread most of your work. Do you have time to read? And could you suggest anything to read that has a good smack of adventure and sword play? Thanks again for all your hard work.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the FROSTBORN books!

      For sword & sorcery reading suggestions, here are some:

      -Anything by David Gemmell.

      -William King’s KORMAK series is really good (he describes it as “Conan if Conan was raised by fanatical monster hunters”), and he just released a ninth book in it.

      -Glen Cook’s BLACK COMPANY series is good as well.

      -Robert E Howard’s original CONAN series as well, if you haven’t read it already.

  37. Hi,
    I am enjoying your frostborn series and getting close to the end but now i see *the false king*. Where does it fit in? Is that #11?

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the FROSTBORN series.

      There will be fifteen total FROSTBORN books. THE FALSE KING is number #11. I hope to have #12 out by the end of 2016, and the final three books out in 2017.

  38. Hi

    I am really enjoying the Frostborn series so far, I’m up to the Gorgon spirit.
    Have you drafted a map of the Frostborn world yet? I’ll be very interested to see the world described in the series as a map.

    Keep up the good work

  39. Hey Jon. I have read alot of books and this series really surprises me. You can create a fascinating book in a short period of time that is equal to or better then what other authors can sometimes take years to make. I have been reading your series for two days and am already up to #6.

    Overall I would like to say thank-you, you have created something many people can enjoy and…well I certainly have.

    Ps. If your looking for inspiration I would recommend having a look at Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the books. Hope the rest of them are equally enjoyable!

      FROSTBORN #13 should come out early in 2017 if all goes well.

  40. i just finished book 13 THE FROSTBORN, EXCALIBER. i have read literally hundreds of books many of which were series and to date your FROSTBORN series is the best ive read. ive read then almost non-stop one after the other(something i generally dont due) and now the only thing holding me back is the release of book 14. CANT WAIT. Thank you for such a great series. William R Turner.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the FROSTBORN series.

      I just finished the rough draft of #14, and that should be out in March sometime, probably towards the second half. If all goes well the 15th and final book will be out in May or June.

  41. Excellent work. Finally got to see Carhaine brought low. Really looking forward to your next book but kind of sad too. The journey is coming to a close soon. Thanks for all the good times you given us.

  42. I am probably older than most of your readers. I have read many a series and this may be my all time favorite. I love the whole Arthurian premise and the references to Christianity. They add much depth to the story. Love all the characters and the story line is great. Read one book after another. Looking forward to the last book. I have already decided to read your other series.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the FROSTBORN books, and hope you enjoy the others ones as well. If all goes well, FROSTBORN #15 should be out early this summer.

  43. avid reader of all fantasy books, stumbled across this series on Amazon kindle store, devoured the first book in about a day then went and bought the rest straight away half way through book 14 , bring on book 15. excellent work, love the premise of the world based on King Arthur what drew in to the series in the first place. one of the best series i have read in a long time

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you liked the FROSTBORN series. If all goes well, I want to start writing book #15 on March 20th.

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