#7 Soul of Swords

Cover design by Clarissa Yeo.

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Available in print here. ISBN 978-1489552266

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MAZAEL CRAVENLOCK is the last hope. As castle after castle falls to the runedead horde, Mazael must led his armies to victory…or the world shall fall into darkness forever.

And Mazael must stop his father’s dark plans. No matter what the cost to himself.

LUCAN MANDRAGON wields the relics of a forgotten empire, the runedead his to command. Soon he shall destroy the Demonsouled and free the world of their curse forever.

No matter who he has to kill to do it.

SKALATAN is the strongest of the serpent priests, and soon he shall become stronger still. For he shall claim the power of the Demonsouled and become the new god of the serpent people.

And then all men will bow before the serpent god.

THE OLD DEMON is ready at last.

For centuries he has plotted and manipulated kings and lords. Now he shall seize the power of the Demonsouled for himself, and become the new god.

And all the world shall be his to torment.

14 thoughts on “#7 Soul of Swords

    1. jmoellerwriter Post author

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked them.

      I am going to upload SOUL OF SWORDS this afternoon, and it should be available very shortly.

  1. Rex Benfield

    Awesome Series. Loved every minute of every book!!
    Thanks for such great reads, from one computer guy to another !!

  2. Marguerette Bennitt

    I loved Soul of Swords so much! I know you are working on other series now….but are you going to write more in the Demonsouled world?

    1. jmoellerwriter Post author

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked it!

      I am definitely returning to the DEMONSOULED world, though I’m not sure when. From 2011 to 2013, I wrote over 600,000 words in that setting, so I’d like to try some other things before returning. 🙂

  3. Marguerette Bennitt

    When do you think you will start the new/other demonsouled series? Any hints? Does it.have something to dust with Lucen or the new seer?

    1. jmoellerwriter Post author

      I’m hoping to get to it this year, but Real Life keeps throwing curveballs at me, alas.

  4. Jann

    An excellent series of good overcoming evil. I enjoy the internal battle of the evil within being surpressed (but not eliminated) for the greater good.

    1. Jonathan Moeller Post author

      Thanks! Some of the internal struggle scenes that Mazael and Molly and the other DEMONSOULED had were enjoyable scenes to write.


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