#2 Frostborn: The Eightfold Knife


Cover design by Clarissa Yeo.

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RIDMARK ARBAN is the Gray Knight, banished and outcast from the High King’s realm. Yet Ridmark alone sees the danger. The dread Frostborn shall return, and unless Ridmark can warn the realm, the Frostborn will entomb the world in ice forever. 

CALLIANDE wields mighty magic. Yet her memory is gone, her past forgotten. But her foes remember, and they are coming for her. 

GAVIN is the son of the praefectus of the village of Aranaeus, and men and women and children are disappearing from their homes as shadowy, bestial shapes prowl through the forest. 

Yet no one will heed Gavin’s warnings of other creatures stirring in the darkness.

Creatures that feast upon the souls of their victims…


3 thoughts on “#2 Frostborn: The Eightfold Knife

  • April 13, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    Well, you captured my loyalty in The Ghosts series and now I am once again ensnared. I probably will be useless to my family until I am caught up on The Frostborn series.
    So I don’t normally follow series because I usually grow weary of them far before the third maybe fourth book.
    My question to you is whether the side books you have written in The Ghosts and Frostborn (?) stories will engage me or just take me on too many side stories. I don’t want to grow irritated or tiresome from them. Love them too much. Or would I enjoy them even more? I know you probably can’t tell me what I will enjoy. But i would love your take onit. Of course, I understand you are coming in as the author. 😉

    • April 13, 2014 at 6:39 pm

      Hi Carrie,

      Thanks for the kind words about the books! I’m glad you liked them.

      That is a good question. Basically, I like writing short fiction as a writer, but I suspect the vast majority of readers prefer novel-length fiction or longer. In 2012, I had the idea of writing a short novella and releasing it at the same time as a novel. So when I wrote a DEMONSOULED book, I would also write and release a GHOSTS novella at the same time and vice-versa, which is where GHOST DAGGER and THE DRAGON’S SHADOW came from. Except that didn’t really work out. People wanted a new GHOSTS book or a new DEMONSOULED book, and not a tie-in novella. It also caused some confusion, since people thought the novellas were the next books in the series. Additionally, some people were also annoyed that GHOST DAGGER and THE DRAGON’S SHADOW were prequels.

      They have a point – one of the difficulties of a long-running fantasy series is the tendency of the authors to wander off into side quests, or worse, prequels. I wanted to avoid a case of “prequelitis” if at all possible.

      What I finally decided to do was to give away a short story for free via Smashwords coupon code with new novel releases. The goal is to give newsletter subscribers a bonus for signing up, and to have an additional insight into some of the characters – GHOST UNDYING takes a closer look at the Moroaica, GHOST OMENS is from the POV of Claudia Aberon, and so forth.

      So I suspect the best way to decide whether or not you like the short stories is to sign up for my newsletter. That way, if you don’t like the story, you’ll have at least gotten it for free. 🙂



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