Frostborn Map

Note that regions are marked in black, and the names of cities, towns, and other landmarks are labeled in red.



9 thoughts on “Frostborn Map

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  2. William Hill

    I have really enjoyed the first 9 books in the Frostborn series, but someone should have better proof read the pages. There are extra words in sentences in all the books I’ve read so far. You have to stop and remove the word mentally and reread the line.
    Thanks for the map.

  3. Jake Schiro

    Reading the Shield Knight. I know you hate maps, but a quick sketch would be Helpful! Nothing fancy, just something to orient to. Keep the books Coming! Loved Demon souled series, absolutely loved the Frostborn series. The new Shield Knight series looks good so far!

  4. Sheila Schrock

    Love the Frostborn series. A better proof reader is in order though. Too many extra words, but otherwise a great read!


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