Mask of the Demonsouled Trilogy


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Read the first chapter of MASK OF SWORDS right here.

MAZAEL CRAVENLOCK has prevailed over terrible foes and now rules the Grim Marches with a firm hand. Yet ancient evils are stirring in the shadows, freed at last by Mazael’s own deeds of valor. Unless Mazael fights with all his strength, the world will fall.

ADALAR is weary of war, has seen too many friends and comrades die. Yet dark forces are stirring in the shadows, and unless Adalar defends his lost home, those under his protection will perish.

SIGALDRA is the last holdmistress of the Jutai nation, the final defender of her people. Now the darkness comes to devour the final remnant of Sigaldra’s home and family. Even Sigaldra’s courage may not be enough to turn aside the shadows.

For the goddess has been freed at last, and her servants are eager to slay in her name…


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Click here to read the first chapter of MASK OF DRAGONS. 

MAZAEL CRAVENLOCK is the last of the Demonsouled, and has defeated every enemy who ever challenged him.

Yet in the sinister Prophetess of Marazadra, he faces a subtle foe unlike any other adversary.

And unless Mazael’s masters the Prophetess’s deadly game, the dark goddess Marazadra will rise in blood and terror…


Available at Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon GermanyAmazon CanadaAmazon AustraliaBarnes & NobleKobo, iTunes, Google Play, and Smashwords.

Click here to read the first chapter of MASK OF SPELLS.

Mazael Cravenlock is the last of the Demonsouled, and defeated a great dark power to save the world.

But with that dark power dead, a new one rushes to takes its place, led by the sinister Prophetess of Marazadra.

And unless Mazael stops her, the Prophetess will use the Mask of Marazadra to summon her wicked goddess, plunging the world into darkness…

12 thoughts on “Mask of the Demonsouled Trilogy

  1. Darlene Garrett

    I read a Demonsouled series by Moeller with the main character being Cravenlock. I see the first book was published in 2014 of this series also set in the Grim Marches. Is this a new series with the same character? There were more than three that I read before. I don’t want to buy books I have already read. Would you mind replying to help me understand?

  2. Jake Marsman

    when will the last book in the Mask trilogy be coming out I am really looking forward to it?

      1. Marta Kowalska

        Brilliant! I’m about to finish the Mask of Dragons – and already can’t wait for the 3rd book! 🙂

        1. Jonathan Moeller Post author

          Thanks! I’m actually on Chapter 5 of 20 for MASK OF SPELLS, so I hope to have it out soon once GHOST IN THE WINDS is published.

    1. Jonathan Moeller Post author

      Thanks! I have plans for another series after this but I’m not sure when I’ll get to it.

      1. Nate

        Thanks. Reason i was asking as i started with reading your Frostborn series and really like this series. I than started reading your third souls and demonsouled series and I have read them completely, but i thought you might expand the demonsouled series since other enemies would start arising as hinted by the dragon.

          1. Benjamin

            I absolutely love your demonsouled series, I am part way through #2 currently. Still reeling with what haopened with R. I hope the saga continues forever!

          2. Jonathan Moeller Post author

            Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the books!

            Right now there are two DEMONSOULED series – a 7 book series and a sequel trilogy – and both are complete. I hope to return to the setting someday though.

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