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new cover art for BLADE OF THE GHOSTS

BLADE OF THE GHOSTS is getting new cover art, courtesy of Clarissa Yeo of Yocla Designs. Images and links below:


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Eighteen years old, Caina Amalas is a novice nightfighter of the Ghosts, the spies and assassins of the Emperor of Nighmar. Skilled with stealth and disguise, Caina is the unseen agent of the Emperor, working to maintain the peace and order of the Empire.

When a scholar uncovers an ancient relic from the Empire’s distant past, he unwittingly unearths dangerous secrets.

Secrets that might destroy the Empire and kill Caina…

GHOST IN THE WINDS: the valikarion

A reader had a question about how the valikarion are created in the GHOST EXILE series.

The question is answered below, but note that it has spoilers for the previous eight books of GHOST EXILE.

“Valikarion” is an Iramisian word that means “bearer of a valikon”. The valikarion themselves were an order of warriors in Iramis, warriors who had acquired an extreme sensitivity to sorcery. Because of this sensitivity, they could see sorcerous auras (something sorcerers themselves cannot even do without the aid of spells), see through illusion spells, and remain impervious to mind-controlling and detection spells. (To put it in Dungeons & Dragons terms, the valikarion have continual Detect Magic, True Sight, and Mind Blank abilities.)

These are useful abilities, but the valikarion are still vulnerable – seeing a spell will do you know good if a sorcerer levitates a boulder to drop on your head, and when that fails, a sorcerer could always pick up a club and beat a valikarion to death. That was why the Iramisian valikarions were always superbly trained warriors, and carried valikons, ghostsilver swords that could penetrate any sorcerous warding spell.

As to how the valikarion acquired their abilities, they underwent a test in the Towers of Lore in Iramis (specifically in the Tower of Gates) and entered the netherworld to face an ordeal. If they failed the ordeal, which involved confronting themselves, they died. If they triumphed, they returned as valikarion, and were awarded a valikon to wield in battle.

Because of the many times she had visited the netherworld and her preexisting sensitivity to sorcery, Caina was already halfway there. When she sacrificed herself to save her friends while the Elixir Rejuvenata and Kharnaces’s poison was in her veins, that was essentially identical to the ordeal in the Tower of Gates. When she recovered, she had the abilities of a valikarion.

What is interesting is that by Caina’s time, the valikarion are dusty, forgotten history because Callatas burned Iramis, but in ancient days sorcerers were utterly terrified of them. The Great Necromancers of Maat tried to conquer Iramis several times, but failed because of the loremasters and the valikarion. Many nations still have legends of the valikarion slaying wicked sorcerers, and several individual valikarion became folk heroes to various tribes and nations, semi-legendary figures held in high regard to the modern day, like King Arthur or the Russian bogatyr or the paladins of Charlemagne.

The reason sorcerers feared the valikarion should be apparent, especially if you’ve read Chapter 14 of GHOST IN THE PACT. Cassander Nilas knew enough Iramisian history that if he had realized Caina was a valikarion, he would have seriously revised his strategy. Of course, his biggest mistake was trusting Kalgri – in his studies he probably should have read the parable of the fox and the scorpion.

The reader also wanted to know if Kylon counted as a valikarion, because he has been using a valikon in battle since GHOST IN THE RAZOR. The answer would be no – sorcerers cannot become valikarion, since anyone who can wield arcane force cannot have the altered perception necessary to become a valikarion. That said, there’s nothing to prevent someone like Kylon from using a valikon sword to good effect! 🙂



I’m 26,000 words into FROSTBORN: THE FALSE KING, but only on Chapter 5 of 24. So that averages to about 6,500 words a chapter.

I think this is going to be a long book!

It potentially might get up to 150,000 words, but I suspect it will be around the length of GHOST IN THE THRONE (120,000 words, or 5700 Kindle locations), which is still the longest book I’ve written in the last three years.


a note of thanks

The Lord has been good to me of late – April was my best month so far for ebook sales, and sometime in April I also sold my 400,000th ebook since I started self-publishing in 2011.

400,000! Boggles the mind, it does.

I would like to thank you all for coming along on the various adventures of Ridmark, Caina, Mazael, and the others – with more adventures to come soon!


THE SOULBLADE’S TALE now on all ebook stores

This week I had a reader email asking why the FROSTBORN short story THE SOULBLADE’S TALE was only available on Amazon, and I realized that I had forgotten to put it on the other stores.

My bad! THE SOULBLADE’S TALE is now available on all platforms. Links below! (It’s also part of the FROSTBORN: THE KNIGHT QUESTS short story collection if you’ve already gotten that.)


Available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon GermanyAmazon Canada, Amazon Australia,Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Google Play, and Smashwords.

Nicodemus is a Swordbearer, sworn to use the enchanted soulblade Heartwarden to defend the realm of Andomhaim from all forms of dark magic.

With Heartwarden’s magic, Nicodemus must confront an orcish warlock, a creature of fell power and cunning.

But Nicodemus will learn that treachery is more dangerous than any dark magic…


FROSTBORN: THE FALSE KING: 1 chapter down, 23 to go

The first chapter of FROSTBORN: THE FALSE KING is done! (It was a really long chapter.)

Let’s have a few preview hints of what will happen in the book.

Based on a screenshot I posted earlier in the week, a few eagle-eyed readers noticed that THE FALSE KING starts just under a year after the events of THE HIGH LORDS, which is the biggest gap in story time in the series so far.

The main POV characters in THE FALSE KING will be Ridmark, Calliande, and Gavin.

There will be a new “companion” type character, though she won’t have any POV scenes. One hint to her identity: she is a relative of a previously encountered character.



Murder on a train…IN SPACE!

It’s a little more complex than that, though. THE QUADRAIL SERIES has 5 books:

1.) Night Train To Rigel

2.) The Third Lynx

3.) Odd Girl Out

4.) The Domino Pattern

5.) Judgment At Proteus

I started reading the series ten years ago, and just finished it, so it’s time for a review!

In the world of the QUADRAIL series, interstellar travel is only possible via the Quadrail system, a train that is somehow able to travel between worlds. No one knows how it works. The Quadrail system itself is managed by a mysterious group of aliens known as the “Spiders”, and the Spiders enforce a strict rule against using the Quadrail for military purposes. Because of this, and because the Quadrail is the only way of traveling between solar systems, the Spiders have imposed a de facto peace between the Twelve Empires of the galaxy – including the humans, the newest and the youngest race to stumble across the Quadrail system.

But underneath this placid surface, danger stirs. The Spiders have some ancient enemies with long memories and grudges to settle.

Into this situation stumbles Frank Compton, a washed-up former intelligence agent hired by a Terran trillionaire to find the secret of the Quadrail. The Spiders recruit Compton to fight their enemies, aided by the mysterious Bayta, another human agent of the Spiders who has an agenda of her own.

The series is an excellent combination of murder mystery, spy thriller, and speculative reading. Careful reading is required since several of the plots turn upon obscure details, but highly recommended!




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Click here to read the first chapter.

Nadia Moran is an illegal wizard, an expert thief, and an occasional killer.

So robbing the mansion of the Elven noble Lord Castomyr should prove no challenge at all. 

Except another thief has an eye on Lord Castomyr’s treasures, a thief with magical abilities Nadia does not understand. 

And unless Nadia outwits this master thief, she’ll be the one left holding the bag…and among the Elves, the punishment for theft is death. 

Book Bomb: Nethereal, by Brian Niemeier

Occasionally MONSTER HUNTER INTERNATIONAL author Larry Correia chooses a book he likes to “Book Bomb”, driving it up in the sales ranks on Amazon. This month he’s chosen NETHEREAL by Brian Niemeier, which I just started reading last week.

It’s really good so far – if I had to sum it up, I would call it “Firefly meets Space Wizards meets Event Horizon.” Definitely worth checking it out!


FROSTBORN: THE FALSE KING (Frostborn #11 ) now underway


I ran 5k this morning, and then I started writing FROSTBORN: THE FALSE KING.

It’s exciting to finally start, because in the five years that I’ve been self-publishing, I have gotten more emails and Facebook messages about FROSTBORN: THE FALSE KING than any other book I’ve planned to write. So it’s nice to know there are people waiting for the next book.

If all goes well, it should be out sometime this summer (northern hemisphere summer), probably around July.