Soul of Sorcery – a preview

SOUL OF DRAGONS has been out for just over two weeks, but already I’ve gotten questions about the next book in the DEMONSOULED series, SOUL OF SORCERY. Which is, of course, very cool. But already people are asking when it will come out. And what will it be about?

I’m hoping to start writing SOUL OF SORCERY sometime this summer. I have two other projects to finish first – THE LINUX COMMAND LINE BEGINNER’S GUIDE, and GHOST IN THE STORM, the fourth book in THE GHOSTS series. The Linux book is going very well and I should be done in the first half of March, and after that’s done, I will immediately start GHOST IN THE STORM (the book is already outlined). Once GHOST IN THE STORM is done, I’ll get cracking on SOUL OF SORCERY. So I’ll start the book in summer, and hopefully it should be done by late fall.

As for what it will be about…well…

There are mild spoilers from SOUL OF SERPENTS and SOUL OF DRAGONS ahead, so read on at your own risk.

As you’ll recall, Ultorin’s attack in SOUL OF SERPENTS wiped out most of the population of the eastern Grim Marches. The eastern Grim Marches are near the Great Mountains, and throughout the DEMONSOULED series, the barbarian nations east of the mountains have been mentioned in passing. And now Malrag hordes are rampaging through the lands east of the mountains (Ultorin, Malavost, and Corvad were not the only ones who thought a private Malrag army was a spiffy idea), and the barbarian nations are losing. Badly. They’re desperate to get away, to find a place of safety. Someplace away from the Malrag hordes.

There are all these recently depopulated lands in the Grim Marches, ripe for the claiming.

And a cult among the barbarians worships the Old Demon as a god.

If all goes well, you’ll be able to find out what happens in fall 2012.


One thought on “Soul of Sorcery – a preview

  • February 18, 2012 at 4:39 am

    That sounds sweet! I have not even read Soul of Dragons, and yet I still can’t wait for Soul of Sorcery!

    And I have a question for you for tomorrow’s reader question day! Characters like Mazael, Caina, Lucan, did any of these characters have any real life inspirations behind them? For example, Tolkien character Aragorn was in part inspired by the real life poet/adventurer Roy Campbell. Do any of your characters have anything like that? Or even if they have no real life inspirations behind them, what about literary, film, etc inspirations?

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