CLOAK GAMES progress update

Finished writing IRON IMAGE today, the short story I’ll give away for free to newsletter subscribers when CLOAK GAME: HAMMER BREAK comes out in August.

I think I will start editing CLOAK GAMES: HAMMER BREAK on Wednesday or Thursday.

Before that, though, I only have 10k to 12k words left to do on the third book of the science fiction series I’ve been writing on the side for the last year. So I think I’ll wrap that up first, which should only take two or three writing days. One more book to write after that and then I’ll release the science fiction series! (Probably in October.)

I have to admit I’ve really been wrestling with whether or not I want to use Kindle Unlimited for my science fiction series. Based on the research I’ve done, it seems that the majority of all self-published science fiction is on Kindle Unlimited.

So does that mean there is a huge sales opportunity for science fiction on the other ebook stores, or does that mean all the science fiction readers use Kindle Unlimited?

It’s kind of a chicken and the egg problem.  And there’s a long list of pros and cons, so I’ll need to give it some more thought.

First, though, I actually have to write the books! 🙂