SEVENFOLD SWORD: Ridmark’s truck

In yesterday’s post, I almost typed SEVENFOLD SWORD as SEVENFOLD FORD, leading me to make a joke about the type of truck Ridmark Arban would likely drive.

You know how you learn something new every day? Yesterday I learned that many people have very specific opinions about the kind of pickup truck that Ridmark would drive.

The chief candidates included:

-The Ford F-150 Raptor.

-The Ford F-250.

-The Dodge Ram Rebel TRX.

I have to admit I am not the best authority on trucks. I once drove a Ford Focus for 11 years, and only got rid of it once the engine no longer started consistently due to fuel pump failure. That said, I think Ridmark would choose whatever vehicle would be more likely to survive the journey to Urd Morlemoch. Though the lack of gas stations in Andomhaim would prove a problem.

When writing CLOAK GAMES, of course, it is much easier to pick Nadia Moran’s favorite vehicle. 🙂


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